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Ok so my channel has been pretty much dead for about 6 months now, it was going good at about 1k subs and decent views per video but i stopped uploading due to laziness and general lack of time, I've lost a lot of my subscribers and my views are gradually dwindling; but I'm planning to reboot it with some new content, and that's where I need your help, what should i do to reengage my subs? Based on my videos what would you suggest i do? Thanks for reading this far XD any replies would be massively appreciated :D
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Well, Destiny blew up again with the new update that came out, and I think it still has a pretty good following. Your Destiny videos got a good amount of views. I'd say, upload games that you like and just start uploading consistently again.
If your looking to re-build engagement with peeps you could also consider a Q&A video and encourage people to ask you stuff, or a game with subs - something like that? Good luck! :)
I love the channel art and the intro. Super cool and unique. I say do different things on new games that have or are coming out. Reviews, new dlc, new news, that kind of thing. Those will be trending and could help reignite your channel! Welcome back to the fray!
Thanks a lot to everyone who replied! Ill try my best to take what you've all said on board :D, any other ideas are also greatly appreciated!
The tip with doing Destiny content again is good. But I would just say : don't think too much, don't hesitate. Do what you want, what makes you happy and what you enjoy producing. If it happens to be the stuff the viewers want - great! If not it's not too bad, you will build a new audience soon.

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