1. Aaron Mendoza

    Will Daily Uploads revive my channel?

    Any Feedback is appreciated, not sure if My Graphics are good enough, Thumbnails, etc. My Channel was a Call of Duty Trickshot channel. I would post shots and it would be lit. I grew to 1,000 Subscribers for doing this. I would do tutorials and play other games when COD died down. BO2 is modded...
  2. Omnicide

    *HELP!! How can i revive my channel?*

    Ok so my channel has been pretty much dead for about 6 months now, it was going good at about 1k subs and decent views per video but i stopped uploading due to laziness and general lack of time, I've lost a lot of my subscribers and my views are gradually dwindling; but I'm planning to reboot it...
  3. DanDaSimmer

    To Restart or Rebrand?

    Hey YouTubers, So the channel I run on YouTube I have had since 2008, and in a sense has grown along with me. What started out as a Sims video channel transgressed into an animation channel, then a vlog channel and now it's found its most success as being back to a Sims gaming channel. I am...