1. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Is it worth to reboot a dying channel?

    Hello guys, is it worth to reboot a channel that has 90 views in every 48 hours or if the channel is dying and killing by YTs new algo?
  2. Omnicide

    *HELP!! How can i revive my channel?*

    Ok so my channel has been pretty much dead for about 6 months now, it was going good at about 1k subs and decent views per video but i stopped uploading due to laziness and general lack of time, I've lost a lot of my subscribers and my views are gradually dwindling; but I'm planning to reboot it...
  3. Cromartie

    How long do you estimate it'll take to "reboot" an animation channel? [NSFW and long post warning]

    It shows in my "related channels" playlist, it shows in the fanbase I attract , and it especially shows in some of my earlier content. I know my subscribers and high viewership are thanks to the fact that I'm basically a covert cartoon fetish channel. I hate coming off like that. I am bloody...
  4. Bert McCert

    I'm looking for feedback on my new format.

    I've been racking my brain for doing something different and I think I've found where I want to be in terms of style and format. My background is sketch comedy and I love making gaming videos...So why not combine the two? This is my attempt at a new format direction in hopes that it will...