1. BigBryanGames

    Why are all new comments on my videos labeled as spam?

    I don't understand why this keeps happening. Every single time I get a new comment on my videos, it's reported as spam and I have to manually accept it. I've gone to settings, creator studio, everywhere I can possibly think of or what I can change and still all comments are reported as spam. Has...
  2. Orangeguy587

    My computer can't handle it! Advice needed

    Hello all! 1. I would just like to say is that this is my first thread. yay! Hopefully I will do more and become bigger on YouTube 2. My problem is that my computer can't handle big games like Minecraft, Portal, or most bigger downloadable games. I can still do reaction videos and stuff like...
  3. BigBryanGames

    15 videos uploaded. Barely 300 views total. 7 subscribers. Enthusiasm dying.

    I have 15 videos uploaded, most of which I have put a lot of heart and effort into. In total, I've barely reached over 300 views, and only have 7 subscribers. And many of the small amount of comments I have are people either asking me to sub for sub or to check out their music. My enthusiasm...
  4. A

    Machinima spam channels

    Hi, There are spam channels in this partner. How can we complain.I need help.
  5. Rory Hollinshead

    Vlog Looking for a any collabs

    Just starting out im an aspiring film maker and i want to seriously get into vlogging but i just feel like i havent got the audience to really start doing it yet so i want to just do as much collaboration as possible to get my name out there. I've done pranks in the past, a couple short films ...
  6. Lauramillanmu

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys! So I've been in Youtube for a couple of months now and I don't notice any growth. I know it takes time, but I feel like I might be doing something wrong here. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some general feedback on my channel (makeup themed). Thank you in advance...
  7. JoycelynsLife

    What Do You Do To Videos That Aren't Doing Well?

    So I'm starting out on YouTube and recently just spent time on trying to growing my channel. So, I'm wondering, what do you do to videos that aren't doing well? And what do you define as 'not doing well'?
  8. SmokeySpace

    Channels that Upload other People's Videos? (Like BCC Trolling)

    Looking for places that I can enter my video and they might upload it. BCC Trolling is the only one I know of but I don't do trolling videos, but I do gaming videos, mainly funny moments. If you know of any please tell me it will help me out a ton :D -SmokeySpace
  9. Matthew Autry

    channel growth??

    My channel is Matthew Autry I've been working hard on it for quite awhile now. I think about 6 months. I've been posting at least once a week every week. I feel that my videos are interesting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve, and make my content more interesting...
  10. C


    Is there anyone that is savvy with a camera/computer, that would be interested in a partnership? I have no problem getting in front of a camera to do anything at all, just what I lack is the ability to make an all around great video due to my editing skills. If someone would be interested in...
  11. DenVee

    Denvee 700 subscribers!

    Just hit 700 subscribers on Thursday! Next goal is 1k. Been a long time coming but hopefully growth from now! Let me know how you guys are doing :)
  12. DenVee

    Length of intros?

    How long is everybody's intro for their videos? I remember someone saying short ones are really good because it reduces the time people can click off your video before it actually starts, is I keep mine to 4 seconds short. Thoughts?
  13. vMinti

    I'm lost (declaring a "type")

    So, hello. I was making my own series lately for which I gave a completely new, self-made name: (xD-ed) (You know, It kind of tells that the montage which have that kind of indicator will be a funny one..) I was thinking about presenting these as YTPs at first (I hope someone is familiar with...
  14. DenVee

    DenVee 40k total views!

    I recently hit 40k total views on my channel! Next goal is 50k then 100k! Let me know what you guys have achieved!
  15. Humor Hub

    Humor Hub Best Moments | February-April 2017

    Hey Guys! This is our collection of our best moments from the start of our channel to now. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Cody Reks

    Gaming Looking for Youtube partner to collab with.

    Howdy people ?! My name is Alex, people call me Cody (my nickname). I have a gaming Youtube channel called "Cody Sucks @ Games" and im looking for people to collab with. At the moment im mainly focusing on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds videos and i would like a fellow Youtuber to duo with and...
  17. M

    Motivation to keep posting?

    Hey all! So i was aware when I started my channel that I wouldn't get many views, subscribers etc in the first few months and maybe not even for years... but now that I'm actually going through with it I just, I don't know, I guess I just feel weird posting for "no one". Especially when I...
  18. TheGeneralSpace

    Getting your content out there - Tips Needed

    So I have a reasonable sized channel, Just under 5K subs and for a while I was getting loads of views and comments and everything, However all of a sudden around september of last year it just dried up. I have a twitter and post my videos on there and I never post anything that I beleive to be...
  19. GeekyNet

    My gaming channel reached 3 MILLION+ views!

    It has been a while since I have posted here, but I would like to come back to YTTalk to share my knowledge about YouTube, and learn from others. I am so happy with my channel, especially because I have not been very active in the last year. I know 3.4 Million isn't a milestone, but I never...
  20. ConForPresident


    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for new YouTubers / Gamers who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome fun games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly fine! So...
  21. Nicky Furmage

    Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout?

    Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout is welcome please guys, and also do you like my banner from a big win we had, i think its kind of cool lol... positive and negative constructive feedback welcome guys feel free to give me any pointers in my youtube adventures. thanks Nicky
  22. SeanFace101

    Does "lol" and other stuff harm video results?

    Does having things like "LOL" and other stuff in the video title and / or description help or harm the video results? Does you tube like this sort of sort hand writing in video titles / description? :P

    Watch dogs part 4

    This is part 4 of my series! It isn't doing to well as my audience I massively based around Star Wars battlefront! So anyone taht could check it out I would really appreciate it
  24. Jo Barry

    Other Looking for collabs!

    I am looking for people, who are up for most genres of videos! If you are easy going, energetic, and friendly, you fit the personality!
  25. Joshwarrior


    Joshwarrior is looking for more members in his friend group. It sounds like he has no friends but he does. We already have quite a few members. However we are looking for more to participate in PC and possible PS4 gaming. The main form of communication is Discord or Skype for PC and Party Chat...
  26. Jack Barrott

    My videos are high quality but my channel isn't growing?

    Hey, so like I said, each of my videos I try to make better than the last, and they are all really high quality in my opinion (for someone who's been only doing it a couple months). I just don't understand why my channel isn't growing? I understand it takes time, but I see other people with a...
  27. Kade2110

    Vlog Collab In New Mexico!

    Hey! Anybody from New Mexico want to collab!? I am a fun vlogger! Even neighboring states maybe can collab with me! It is a great way for both of us to grow out our channels! :)
  28. Angie Melon

    Am I ok without my brother?

    Hi guys! So I co-host a channel with my older brother, and last time I did a video without him it didn't do to well and some people here on yttalk said I didn't have enough energy... So since then I've made another video without him in it and I wanna know if it's half decent. Thanks :)

    How long have you been doing YouTube?

    how long have you been doing youtube i started in 27th Jul 2015
  30. Kade2110

    Need Video Ideas!

    Hey guys, on my channel, I am starting to run out of some quick come up video ideas, because my daily schedule is so busy I haven't been able to upload because I don't have any ideas, then it becomes too late. Are there any cool ideas I could do so that I can get back on my daily upload...