I'm lost (declaring a "type")


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Feb 14, 2016
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So, hello.
I was making my own series lately for which I gave a completely new, self-made name: (xD-ed)
(You know, It kind of tells that the montage which have that kind of indicator will be a funny one..)

I was thinking about presenting these as YTPs at first (I hope someone is familiar with this one). The thing is that some aspects of my content doesn't really fit in that category: the story is shown in chronological way, also, the humor is a bit deeper (?) There are a lot of similarities, though, and that's why I was thinking about it at some point (randomness & well known memes to name a few)

YTPs are really popular. More people would search for these. More people, possibly, would see these. And that is what makes me confused a little bit.

You know, I'd really like for xD-ed name to grow. To indicate that style of videos which I do create, because again, YTP doesn't really show some unique aspects of my style. But at that very end, is it worth it?

What do you guys think about that?