Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout?

Nicky Furmage

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Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout is welcome please guys, and also do you like my banner from a big win we had, i think its kind of cool lol...
positive and negative constructive feedback welcome guys feel free to give me any pointers in my youtube adventures.
*Clicks your channel link, GETS EAR RAPED*
-Falls to the ground bleeding

Perhaps balance the sound of your featured video? Or chose a better featured video (channel trailer)

Some points to look at
-Retention time will be much higher if you take down your ads (buut youtoob faymous! Noo wai!) it hurts but wait until you have some loyal sheep to farm ad revenue from before enabling them.

-What am I watching? Travel videos? I feel like im your grandma looking at your facebook outings :( this is really boring to the masses. I want you to go back and watch any video you made from over a month ago, WATCH THE WHOLE THING AD AND ALL then come back here

(Did you make it all the way through without a trip to snoresvile? Now you know whats up with your channel)
There are ways to do travel videos but this isn't it...

-Thumbnails are decent at best, perhaps something to make them all stick out from each other? they all kinda look the same but thats just me.

Got nothing else
*Is rushed to the hospital*