Funny Sketch Video ideas


I guess if you really have no clue where to begin I would try this out:
Good luck!

Red Rollerblade
You need to have a theme or objective in mind. No one will write a sketch out for you. This time of year is good for christmas sketches which can span from what really happens at santas grotto. Maybe Krampus is just simply misunderstood? Why rudolf really has a red nose. Is Vixen a pole dancer? how the presents are really made. etc etc etc there is looooaaaads of aspects and themes to choose from. Don't think of anything huge. Just find a simple idea and then build upon it.

For example I did a comedy sketch years ago about harry potter. The scene where him and dumbledor go to the cave for the first horcrux out of the birdbath thing. I just simple kept it the same but changed it to a toilet.
So the moment dumbledor looks into the fully blocked toilet and then says "It has to be drunk". I was in stitches lol just a simple little thing.