Gaming The comedy Collaboration :D! If you guys are interested


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Dec 26, 2015
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Hey guys! I'm a gamer that posts mainly the funny moments in my gaming adventures. I usually game with my friends on the ps4 and we have a blast! Of course we do play seriously but not a whole lot our main objective is to bring smiles and laughter when people watch our videos.

But when my friends are not on, I have been thinking about doing Solo videos which I had been doing previously when i first started off but i found that kind of boring. So I thought hey, why not collab with some other people!

If you guys are interested go ahead and reply to the thread and we can go from there with the info, timezone etc.

I may have some prerequisites though, which are
1st- age requirement around 16+ some what mature and just to be yourself
2nd- if you are a competitive player ya might not want to collab with me i play for fun and to capture the funny moments. Not to take the gameplay tooo seriously.
3rd-Skype or discord or curse would work so we could talk to each other and get to know each other better.
4th- Let's have fun!! and grow together!

I started my Youtube Channel about 1 year ago but i had to stop for numerous reasons, but once i got back and rolling; I changed my editing style and got a lot better with talking and boom gained 20+ subs in 1 week! which is crazy and i'm pretty happy about that so yeah :p. I started my channel in order to bring laughter to whoever watches the videos and it will stay that way forever :d

~as always have a nice day