How to edit viral videos to not get copyright strike?


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How to edit viral videos to not get copyright strike?
I was thinking of uploading some viral videos in the public domain and want to know how to edit them so as not to get copyright strike?

What tips can you recommend?
Which software for Mac is good?

Thank you.
Umm... I don't think there are any public domain viral videos. Unless the creator said they were releasing it to the public domain it automatically is copyrighted.
If the work is truly public domain, then you have nothing to worry about. You can download and upload a full public domain movie because well... it's public domain.

regarding your question about editing - I recommend using Adobe products to do almost everything (even though I don't use it for video editing) because you will be able to work with people who use Windows and Mac and because I feel adobe products are the most "industry standard" for video editing and special effects (minus maybe Avid if you are in the TV world)
if you never
edited before, I would suggest using either a free trail or getting a free program like iMovie (I've only used it once about 11 years ago)
I think you're talking about jukin media lol and yes a lot of people on the internet hate them BUT to be fair they are making sure people who's videos go viral get paid every time it's used. obviously they probably take a big cut of the pie before the creator gets paid