1. S.A.D

    Subscribe, then unsubsribe.

    This is a but of a frustration post really, but i also find it humorous too. Don't you just love it, when some body subs then unsubs. especially when your a small channel. Sometime you feel like putting a hit out on them trough the back market, maybe hope that John Wick will deal with it haha...
  2. TechSpotJosh

    How to Stay Moivated

    This is my third week on YouTube and I'm finding it harder and harder to stay motivated. I love producing content however I wish I had more time to polish my work. With working my full time job I find it is really hard to make my one video a week schedule. I find that it is becoming easier to...
  3. Naybor

    What makes you want subscribe to a channel?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I'm curious..what is it that makes you hit that subscribe button? Is it that they make you laugh? Is it that they're playing games you like? Or that you want to be notified when new content is up? And of course I'm aware that it varies...
  4. Alex Tyler


    Planning on doing a Q&A on my channel for Monday, If anyone has any questions I'm trying to answer as many as possible! Thanks so much :):up2:
  5. Feathers

    How did you grow your channel?

    I'm really interested in people's stories, even if your channel is still small or it's huge, what do you do or what did you do to grow your channel? :D It may help others and it's defiantly interesting to see other people's point of view! I'm not sure if this is the best place to put it but...
  6. Elissa Jordan

    Vlog QnA Collab!

    My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on my channel, Elissa Jordan. I want to do a collab of a bunch of people answering a QnA question. Instead of me just doing my own QnA, I want a bunch of people to answer a bunch of questions and then I edit them all together. Here are the details: 1.) I...
  7. Narrator-6174

    I need some advice

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I was looking to see if anyone could give me some advice on how to write an interesting script. I talked about how I am going to be making videos talking about serial killers, missing persons, and other mysterious topics. However in order to make higher...
  8. InFamouzZ Gaming

    {Question} Commercial clips?

    Hey there! I was wondering if an YouTube creator gets more money the longer I watch the commercial video? I would watch the whole commercial if i can support the creators with it, but I need to knon before I waste my time ;)
  9. Angie Melon

    How to make YouTube friends..?

    So the main reason I joined this site was to make YouTube friends. Like, I wanted to make some internet friends that were around the same age as me, with similar content as me and stuff like that. But it didn't exactly happen. All that I got were a bunch of people trying to get me to sub to them...

    How long have you been doing YouTube?

    how long have you been doing youtube i started in 27th Jul 2015
  11. AMX Gaming

    is it true?

    wondering about the supposed view losses 2 days ago, has anyone else experienced this problem? i'm not a big channel but it seems i lost about 2k views somehow
  12. K

    Is there Hope?

    Is there Hope? Many people are under 100 subscribers and I understand that YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. However, I see some YouTubers who gain 100s of subscribers within a week + Views. I look at their channel and it doesn't seem as if they're doing anything different to me. Is there...
  13. boydjenkins18


    I have a 2 adsense account and both of them are approve by adsense. Both of them have the same info but i never attach my bank info on neither one of them. The question is I stop using my 1st adsense account and been using my 2nd adsense to make money. Will i still get paid once i reach the...
  14. DigiBox

    Subs going stagnent compared to old analytics?

    Hi. Me and My team created our new channel in March of 2016 and we grew pretty fast. But recently our subs have slowly slowed down to a crawl and i need to know if there is a way i can work out where we went wrong. The main things that changed was we started a new editing style and changed...
  15. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    What type of content you like to see on a youtube channel?

    Please Join The Poll....:):):)
  16. S.A.D

    Is it easy to make REAL subs?!

    OK, OK what i mean here is this. I see channels with hundreds of subs, in the space of several months when they first launch their channels, yet here i am almost a year later, same content and barley hitting 100 subs. is their a trick to it? do these people, spam sub for sub? of are they paying...
  17. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Is Youtube Success Just Luck?

    Hello best friends, I just want to ask you guys something Is Youtube Success Just Luck?....I mean most of the time we see small youtubers like me often don't get noticed on youtube.Even we make quality videos,work hard our video not get that many views.So that also take effect on our subscriber...
  18. Malasia

    Am I the only one who loves editing??

    I remember when I first edited my video's I used to hate it because of how time-consuming it was and how many times I had to youtube search a tutorial on how to do certain edits on the editing software I had. I would spend dayssss editing and it would take me forever to just find background...

    Younger people with massive channels

    so what do you think of these? I just saw a 12 year old with a 900K channel which is absolutely crazy! Well done to him right? But it does make me think, if I can do that why haven't I been able to do that Honestly makes me want to work harder! What's your opinion of this?
  20. Everything Supreme

    How To Stay Motivated When Things Go Wrong?

    How do you guys usually stay motivated to make videos or recreate/edit videos that have either been deleted while editing or uploading. Also how does everyone stay motivated to make more (obviously if your videos are doing well its easy) but when things are going bad how do you keep your motivation?
  21. Nackagubben

    Ask a Swede :) (shout-out gallore)

    Hiyall, I recently found this part of the forum and everyone seems very helpful and kind. That's cool! I am a Swede that runs a channel featuring languages, culture differences and other random stuff, and I thought that I would throw this thread out and see if you guys could hit me with...
  22. ItsBecky

    Anyone noticed a weird red line appearing under certain videos?

    It's really hard to explain so I will have to show you a photo, basically under some videos its a complete red line, some have nothing at all and some have only half of a line have a look I am using my channel as an example, it seems to only come up on peoples channels but has anyone seen that...
  23. I

    I want to make an Extra Channel

    Hi there! I have a channel under the name of "IrmaZwart". I still want to keep this channel. But I also want another channel for a different kind of content. But if I click on "Create a New Channel" it says I'm making a business channel. So then "IrmaZwart" will be my personal channel, and the...
  24. GamingwithNick

    Hot Topic New YouTube end screen **all discussion here**

    Are any of you excited for this new feature? I personally feel like it is a simple and easy way to add video links to the end of your videos. I'm too lazy to make and edit in a video card for every video since I upload daily and a my avg view length is around 2-3 minutes (majority doesn't make...
  25. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How do you get exposure for your youtube channel when you are a beginner?

    Hello best friends, I want to ask a question to you guys that how do you get exposure for your youtube channel when you are a beginner?I mean when you're beginner,even if you make great videos,you not get that much views & subs.Sometime it's start feel really disappointed.I found that if you're...
  26. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How many subscriber do you have?

    Hello best friends, I just want to ask you guys how many subscriber do you have (Till Now) & what's you goal by the end of 2016?? Currently I'm on my 73 subs & my goal by the end of this year is 200 subs.Let me know yours in the comment's section!! Thanks a lot :) [Follow forum rules-No...
  27. Jgaust Online

    Why don't any of us show up?

    Hey! This is meant to be a question/rant... So I'm searching my subscriptions when I finally realize, I'm all caught up... There's NOTHING else to watch. So then I go over to the home tab and notice it's basically the people I already subscribe to, but like... OLD videos. :( So then the...
  28. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Does YouTube End Card Feature Now Available For All??

    Hello best friends, Today while uploading my video I noticed that YouTube endcard feature is now available for my channel.Obviously I am not a big youtuber.I have only 70 subs.So I asked some of my friends who are also youtuber's & they also said that end card feature is available for their...
  29. Z

    New youtuber and dont know how to start..?

    Why wont it let you link your youtube video here it namkes no sense? I feel like the point of this site is to help ppl make better videos and how are we suppose to do that when we cant even let other people watch them.. maybe theres something I could link but for now I dont know. Here's my...
  30. LooneyLad

    Anyone else had a video just start getting loads of views?

    It's not LOADS of views but compared to most other videos on my channel I have a video that has just started racking in views... Without me promoting it or anything.. Just started getting more views than normal (noticeably) Thought I'd see if that's happend to anyone else? And did it stop? I...