Younger people with massive channels


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so what do you think of these? I just saw a 12 year old with a 900K channel which is absolutely crazy! Well done to him right? But it does make me think, if I can do that why haven't I been able to do that Honestly makes me want to work harder!
What's your opinion of this?
I know YouTube has the whole 13 or older policy, and I understand why its there, but I'm fine with younger people uploading as long as they understand internet etiquette.

I see YouTube as a platform for anyone to convey their creativity. I don't think their should be an age limit on that (within reason, of course)
You seem to forget how big the young crowd of kids are on youtube. He probably attracts a vast majority of those. Being at that age doesn't mean you can't create content that others will enjoy. I personally wouldn't watch a kid though.
Kids make up a huge part of the YouTube audience, so they're going to relate to people their own age. I wonder how well the channel will do as the channel owner ages up, and how so much success would work on someone who probably doesn't know how to navigate fame at such a young age, but otherwise, good for them! :)
TBH I have seen younger people have better content than older. It is like singing. Justin Biber did better at 15 than some artists do in an entire life time. (Better in terms of money and that stuff) Whether his music is better than others is subjective since everyone has a different taste and reaction.
I think it's great! I just hope they are able to handle the bad side of being popular, death threats, hate, scam artists etc.
I know if it was my own child I would want to make sure being thrown into the limelight like that wouldn't damage them in the long run. The internet can be a scary place, especially with things like swatting
Targeting ages 12-18 will bring you HUGE success on youtube. That's common sense, younger kids have more time to sit at home all day and watch youtube videos, chances are they will tell their friends, who tell those friends, and so on.
It actually puts a joy in my heart knowing that kids so young could have so successful channels <3 When I was around 13 I wanted to make content but didnt know how and to see these kids just making dreams come true before they even hit high school like : ,)
There are a lot of kids on youtube that want to watch other kid youtubers. As long as they aren't rude, as some young kids on the internet can be, I have no problem with it and commend them.