1. KantoGaming

    Streaming on Twitch to help your channel?

    I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on streaming. Especially on twitch. Are there many of you who have YouTube channels and use twitch as a way to gain more followers and then advertise your channel? Or do you think twitch and YouTube should be two different things?
  2. Its Ryan


    So so many people on this forum are asking this question. "What do you think I should do?" "What do you guys want to see?" "What videos should I post?" For all those people asking this question do something that YOU want to do. Not what other people want you to do. Yes you can take...
  3. KantoGaming

    Making money off your content ?

    Honestly I've heard about people making money off their videos but I never understood how or how it actually works. I've heard about running ads on your videos, monetizing your videos, and maybe even joining a partnership like Freedom. (But I haven't heard anything good about freedom) I want...
  4. Jtpetch

    Background Music or Not?

    So, I've been putting background music in my (gaming) videos for a while, and I'm sorta mixed on whether or not I like it. I do like that it sorta fills in somewhat "empty" sounding areas, and keeps a sort of constant "rhythm" going throughout the video. However, it's often hard to find music...
  5. AntonBro

    pay to promote videos, Good or bad idea?

    I'm starting to realize that i need a boost in viewership so promoting a video seems like a good solution. I just want the option for my videos to appear in the "suggested videos" so people can click and maybe if they like my content they are going to subscribe. Has anyone here ever did this...
  6. Dah Kool Productions

    Where do I get content to review on YouTube

    I wanna make a review on YouTube, but I don't know where to get content
  7. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  8. TheIrrelevantR

    Advice For Gaining Subscribers?

    Hello. So although my channel has been up for like a year, I only recently started working hard on it. I only have 7 subs, but I think I am doing the right things, and am in the right direction - I think I just need to keep working and making videos. But I was just wondering if there's...
  9. sequan123

    Feedback on channel growth

    Hey guys I just need on your opinion on whether my channel have grew or not
  10. Nhalez

    Video Block?

    now I haven't ran into this problem yet but I hear a lot about it. A lot of content creators I have spoken with have told me how they have all these brilliant ideas but sometimes they use all of them and are left with video block or (Running out of video ideas). How do you personally fix this...
  11. Nhalez

    What do you all doing Render and Uploads?

    Me personally I probably just sit there like a weirdo looking at the status bar lol if not I'm on YouTube finding some new channels to watch
  12. TheMix

    YouTube: Hobby or Job?

    Of course there are soooo many YouTubers out there and I would like to have some opinions on if you do YouTube as a hobby, as a side thing for the enjoyment or would like a career out of it. Personally our channel would LOVE to make this a job as creating comedy skits and other videos are our...
  13. I

    Need some advice about a promise I made

    Hi there! I've got a (quite new) youtube channel that's mainly about drawing. I love doing youtube and want to take it very seriously. I made a huge mistake though: Last month I promised my viewers to make 50 drawing tutorials this summer. I've started making them and upload them every workday...
  14. Meneno Gaming

    What If YouTube Didn't Exist? (BONUS QUESTION AT END!)

    Okay so I am the guy who always says those: What If? : questions and I thought Id ask people here too! I love to ask people questions, its a habit of mine and i thought that this one would be a good one! So how would you life be if YouTube didn't exist? Would your life be normal? Would it change...
  15. MrSkerzzzz

    Custom URL ever again?

    Do you guys think Youtube will allow people to make a custom URL ever again without having any milestones (number of subs or years active)? Just curious.
  16. FernandoMask

    What do you think is an essential for making YT videos?

    Youtube... What do you think is an essential for making Youtube videos...?
  17. Jtpetch

    Is there a place for quieter, more reserved YT'ers?

    I've noticed that the majority of popular YT'ers, especially in the gaming realm, generally seem to be over-energetic and enthusiastic in how they act and talk, and it makes me wonder if that's something that's holding my channel back. I'm not a super energetic person, and I'm not over-the-top...
  18. TheGIngerQueen

    The Question Collab (Month 2!)

    So I didn't get any videos for the first month. And that's okay! I'm sure as time goes by, I'll get more and more responses. This month, the question is: At least once in your life, you have participated in some kind of club or organization. What is your favorite club memory? ----------- What...
  19. Puck Mitchell

    Brainstorm GO!

    So what idea hasn't been done. With thousands of videos uploaded around the world every hour. What new idea can compete. Sure in a years time you can grow a fanbase of 1k or so. Appreciate the hard work, I was once there and now I'm starting over due to personal reasons, however, I know now how...
  20. Shaun Fawson

    Are lots of random views with no votes or comments uncommon?

    I've had a channel for a little over a month now and one of my older videos had the most views with a little over 200, until yesterday. Two days ago I posted my latest video. The next morning, yesterday, that video had 25 views, an hour later it had over 100 and at the end of the day it had over...
  21. KaelCast

    Questions about Anything!

    Yeah. Questions about Anything! I'm gonna have a Q&A segment on my podcast show called KaelCast. So feel free to ask any question. I'll answer the questions submitted and probably shout out to those people who gave them. Cheers:wavespin:
  22. Kousuke-shii

    Will I get a copyright strike if...?

    So, I'm currently in the making of an Anime related video so obviously I'm gonna be using clips and pictures from different animes. The thing is, I see a lot of anime related channels get copyright strikes because of using parts from different animes. My question is, how high are the chances...
  23. Christoverse

    Is exposure my channel's weakness?

    Hi guys, My YouTube name is Christoverse and I've been doing commentary/story time videos for 4.5 months now. I've been very consistent, putting out fresh, new content all the time. I've received frequent positive feedback from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Yttalk, Damnlag, Instagram and in person...
  24. KeniisuYT

    How Revenue Is Generated?

    Recently I have made a decent amount of funds from a video I published on the E3 Stream of Civilization V and I've decided to ask the YouTube Revenue system works from anyone who may have more knowledge than I do. The video details are here (I'm not giving exact numbers as I'm not sure if I'm...
  25. sequan123

    Advice for channel

    What are some advice when you are trying to get more views and subs? what the best way or method to get peoples attention?
  26. Dem

    Getting paid for two channels on the same account

    Hey! I own 2 channels on my account and both of them are verified youtube partners. When I visit my adsense page, is there any way to see the channels that my email owns and if I'm getting paid for both of them? I'm saying this because even though I've earned 5k views on my second channel and...
  27. FernandoMask

    Hey, How did you react to your first sub?

    Whats Up? How did you react to your first sub?
  28. Sinser

    Song in an Intro

    If you only use like a 10 second clip of copyright music in your intro is that okay or not? Your answers would be appreciated.
  29. Missilebomb

    Should I branch out, or stay focused?

    So I just got over being really really sick, and am finally capable of recording again. While I was sick I was looking at my channel and started thinking it may be a good idea to branch it from just pokemon to Indy games as well, give it a bit broader of a focus. What do you guys think?
  30. Spaceshipcontrol

    Using branded products

    Hey guys, I have a question. Am i actually allowed to use branded products in my videos? In my videos, sometimes I use food items like cans of sodas or bottles of milk. Those have logos and names of certain brands on it, for example Coca Cola or Monster Energy or EDEKA. Is it okay if I put this...