What If YouTube Didn't Exist? (BONUS QUESTION AT END!)

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Okay so I am the guy who always says those: What If? : questions and I thought Id ask people here too! I love to ask people questions, its a habit of mine and i thought that this one would be a good one! So how would you life be if YouTube didn't exist? Would your life be normal? Would it change how you live your life? Would your hobbys change? Tell me what you think?

(BONUS QUESTION!) What If the Internet didn't exist? Would you change completely? How would you live life? Think about it...

I would probably play a lot more Minecraft... YouTube is just a cool thing to do and say you do. I mean, not very many people can even build up the courage to start a YouTube channel, but look at us! We all have youtube channels and it's amazing. We're a unique group.
I would have to relearn how to read manuals and basic instruction guides and stuff. It's all on the Tubes these days, and I like videos more than drawings that have a bunch of arrows pointing all over the place. ^^

If the Internet didn't exist, I would have become a tailor instead of working so closely with computers....
I find your question interesting, because it wasn't so long ago that neither of those things existed. I predict that if YouTube didn't exist I would probably be less into gaming than I am now, and would probably be a more outdoorsy person (wow that sounded pathetic didnt it).
Now, as to what if the Internet didn't exist that would be a completely different conundrum, as a 17 year-old I have grown up around the Internet, and it's kind of hard to fathom what life would be like without it, who knows I might still want to be a kindergarten teacher (oh god why was that ever something I wanted) as apposed to an IT contractor.
If YouTube didn't exist, online tutorials and entertainment won't exist as well, so we need to depend on reading too many boring books and watching too many boring TV channels. In instance, life would be boring without YOUTUBE.
I would probably have stuck to posing my pics on deviantART and not worked on animations this detailed. Wow I would really miss YouTube, I spend so much time watching it.

without the internet? I'd probably get a lot of pets instead :) make my own cat videos and such.
I'd have to get a job, probably any old cleaning job or something to help support myself.
I'm elderly enough to remember a time without the internet, and it was pretty similar to it is today (I know, right?) but it required a lot more effort. Without YouTube, I'd still be doing theater, just more often, I think. Making videos helps to satisfy my need to create, so if I wasn't making more videos, I'd be making more theater.
Well, considering that if it never existed, then we wouldn't know of any alternatives. So our lives, while different form this one would still be considered 'normal' by that perspective.
(Flexing that philosophy elective course knowledge FTW :p)