1. A

    Make Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hi Guys, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks, strategies, and...
  2. UKHypnotist

    The Responsibilities of an Internet Broadcaster

    Note that the following Rules of the Road apply to all video portals; not just YouTube. 1. Read and Adhere to Your Chosen Media Portal's TOS. Many of us are in so much of a hurry to be seen, or in the case of YouTube, be seen and make money, that we simply give the briefest glance at a media...
  3. sparkypi

    How do you capture Skype calls for game collabs?

    If you want to do a collab with another gaming YouTuber over the internet, how do you capture their voice and time it with your video? Do you just have to send it to each other?
  4. c4alan92

    Is Snapchat eating up your battery life and internet data Solution

    Hi In this Video I have demonstrated how to avoid Snapchat from eating up your battery life and internet data. please watch it and give me your feedback Thanks
  5. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Collab from the comforts of your home?

    The biggest thing about collabs is that most people feel the need to actually travel to do a collab. I have alternative ways of doing a collab over the internet... I have funny collab ideas, and I am open to ideas. let me know if you are interested. No requirements other than knowing how to use...
  6. Andrew King

    What's your average upload time?

    Give your average video length for reference. I have slow internet, so it usually takes at least 2 hours for me(not counting editor export time). My videos are around 5 minutes long.
  7. Meneno Gaming

    What If YouTube Didn't Exist? (BONUS QUESTION AT END!)

    Okay so I am the guy who always says those: What If? : questions and I thought Id ask people here too! I love to ask people questions, its a habit of mine and i thought that this one would be a good one! So how would you life be if YouTube didn't exist? Would your life be normal? Would it change...
  8. Flash Cake

    Comedy Gaming & Anime Videos :D

    Hey, my name is Flash Cake (Flash because of my quick wit and Cake because I'm pretty damn sweet) I make comedy videos about anime, video games and internet culture in general. This is a typical video of mine, I hope you enjoy it.
  9. SeanFace101

    Will TubeBuddy Ever Be On Internet Explorer?

    Does anyone think that at one point TubeBuddy will be able to be used on Internet Explorer? as it currently cant be used and I have to jump onto Chrome for when I'm editing videos, etc.. :P
  10. malen

    Am I the only one?

    Hey there guys, it's me Maryline, 18 from the Philippines and there are a lot of stuff that stops me from regularly uploading videos... but the number one is the slow internet connection. and by slow... I mean SLOOOOOOOOOW... It takes me 10hrs to upload a 15min part of a shortfilm. if you are...
  11. J

    If a Better Video Platform became Popular, would you Switch?

    Hello everyone, If another video platform, like YouTube, became more popular, would you completely switch to that? Try and do both or stick to your roots (Youtube)? I promised myself that if another popular platform rises into the spotlight, that I would definitely post content on that...