The Responsibilities of an Internet Broadcaster


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Note that the following Rules of the Road apply to all video portals; not just YouTube.

1. Read and Adhere to Your Chosen Media Portal's TOS.

Many of us are in so much of a hurry to be seen, or in the case of YouTube, be seen and make money, that we simply give the briefest glance at a media portal's Terms of Service.

Not giving the TOS a thorough reading will in most cases be a huge mistake. The TOS lays out your media portal's personal Rules of the Road; and knowing these will save you a lot of trouble later on.

2. Create Audience-Appropriate Content.

This means create media with real entertainment, informative, educational, or self-development value.

3. Obey the Laws of Intellectual Property (Copyright).

It's actually ok to use copyrighted media in your videos IF you follow the rules attached to that usage.

A: If you didn't create it, you must license it, or get written formal permission to use it.

B: In most cases, reposting media belonging to others is considered Piracy unless re-broadcast rights have been cleared. If in addition your re-broadcast is monetized, you also need Commercial Usage Rights.

4. Obey Regulations Regarding the Privacy Rights of Others.

If you film or use footage of recognizable people, you will need permission to display their image in your video. This is usually done by having each person fill out a form called a "Model Release".

In the case of stock footage, model releases will have been signed before the clip was added to the stock library. The library will state for each clip whether it has been model-released or not. If you find a clip with a recognizable person in it with no release attached, don't use it on a media portal in order to avoid problems.

5. Under No Circumstances Assume Breaking the Rules is OK.

Just because you see another user getting away with something, doesn't mean it's all right. If you get caught, you can say "but so and so did it and he is fine!" all you want to. But the person you point out simply hasn't been caught yet, and you have; and it will be your infraction the admin is looking at.

Though this post may seem harsh, it is nonetheless aimed at keeping my fellow creators safe in their media portal lives.

Keep Creating...and Be Safe In Your Creation!