1. JamesMicLewis

    Video Drastically Changes Color/Exposure as I Move

    I just got in to learning about audio and video so I may not know the right terms. However, the best I can explain, my camera goes from light to dark depending on how I stand and sometimes changes color. I don't have my white balance set to auto. Anything else I should check? Any ideas? My...
  2. javacentral

    Did my latest video just slightly different from my others..

    Wanted to see what yall thought about it. I started it off kinda like a tv show with describing a bit about Japan and diving in from there over my usual 'welcome to Java Central here's today's episode'. I thought it wasn't too shabby, just could have been a bit more exciting or more energy...
  3. javacentral

    History and facts on Indian coffee

    So I tried 2 different things with this video. A different kind of title to help with the SEO (which, based on tube buddy, my tags are looking pretty good) and changed up some angles for the video to give it a different feel! Let me know what you think!
  4. MisterJDiggidy

    Are You A Fan Of How YouTube Has Changed?

    Personally, I liked it the way the website looked a lot better before than what it looks like now. I don't know how to explain it, but now it seems a little too Google-like for me. I liked it better when it had a light gray theme and square profile pictures, and more customization to how...
  5. Meneno Gaming

    What If YouTube Didn't Exist? (BONUS QUESTION AT END!)

    Okay so I am the guy who always says those: What If? : questions and I thought Id ask people here too! I love to ask people questions, its a habit of mine and i thought that this one would be a good one! So how would you life be if YouTube didn't exist? Would your life be normal? Would it change...
  6. TheDragonking564

    Unsure What I Should Do to Effectively Brand Myself...

    Hey Guys, Recently, I have been looking at my channel and have been unsure if the way I am branding my channel on the main page and in general has been effective or conveys the channel I run. I run a gaming/review channel where I play Anime and Horror Games, and review Anime. However...
  7. wasabiroots

    I wish YouTube would...

    Fix the "audio"-add music section for published videos. When trying to add a background music, it just mutes my narration no matter what I do and only play the music. :spin::spin::spin: I found that this problem has been around for years and the solution is to make it into a new video... No...
  8. Shehzad

    Steam Security Changes, PS4 Brings PC Remote Play & More - Gaming News

    Steam brings new changes/improvements to the trading system and also applies it to the community markets. PS4 brings PC Remote play so that we can stream games onto the PC and play enjoy it on a monitor. Also Gears Of War Ultimate Edition is plagued by bugs. I give my opinions on all topics...
  9. nicola dixon

    Face Cam

    I've just recently started using facecam....and i think its going well. But i want to get better with it! Can anyone suggest things I can do to improve facecam whether its quality or just general do's and don't.:help: Thanks guys:thanksthumbs: Buh Bye have a beautiful day :grinphones:
  10. JackTheRipoff

    Made some changes with my vlog

    So with my latest Vlog, Ignorant People, I made some new changes which include more edits, a new intro, some background, and even a new, better quality camera. What I am looking for is any kind of feedback that could help me make further improvements for vlogs to come, thanks!
  11. Crazychrain

    Top 5 Needed Changes in Star Wars Battlefront

    Here are the top 5 changes I would like to see in Battlefront. Let me know if you agree, or if you'd like to see other changes.