Are lots of random views with no votes or comments uncommon?

I've had a channel for a little over a month now and one of my older videos had the most views with a little over 200, until yesterday. Two days ago I posted my latest video. The next morning, yesterday, that video had 25 views, an hour later it had over 100 and at the end of the day it had over 300! But the weird thing is my likes and dislikes haven't changed and no new comments. Is this a normal thing? Any thoughts?[DOUBLEPOST=1467353664,1467352318][/DOUBLEPOST]My analytics say that video only has 60 views...
Could be ppl replaying the video so it doesn't register all views. But in general having 300 views with no comments or likes would be normal. It'd be different if that was like 5k views and almost no likes or comments or say a million views with only like 10 likes and 2 comments but 300 views thats completely possible and normal.
I'm pretty sure it is quite common for that to happen, think about the YouTubers who get millions of views but they don't get millions of comments.