What do you all doing Render and Uploads?


Me personally I probably just sit there like a weirdo looking at the status bar lol if not I'm on YouTube finding some new channels to watch
I usually just watch the status bar like you said. Counting down the minutes until it's uploaded. Not sure what else there is to do lol
Play other games, watch videos, but most common for me is that I just leave lol I make my video the day prior so I don't need to be there when it finishes rendering. I'll go walk outside, work out, or hang out with a few friends then come home at the end of the day and watch the video once quick to make sure it's good. This has bit me in the a** before though because sometimes I'll get an issue while it was rendering so I'll have to start the whole process over again and usually it'll continue to have the problem until I find a way to fix it. But, it's better than just sitting there for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Due to my terrible internet connection I'm just sleeping while the video is uploading. Coz I'm leaving it for the night ;) The same goes for the renders. And then I wake up to realize that there was a power shortage and all of my stuff got corupted and my computer burned with all my hopes and dreams.
PS. That last part could have been made up...
I've moved this to the main YouTube forum! =)

I usually schedule the video and go to bed. ^^ lol I do the annotations in the morning after it's uploaded and ready to publish. ^^
Oh, I'm always doing 10 or 20 things at a time, so I'm doing something else. Even when I'm editing, I'm doing something else.
I watch YouTube videos, or other stuff. My PC can luckily hack doing both at the same time. My old one had some issues in that regard.