1. Nhalez

    What do you all doing Render and Uploads?

    Me personally I probably just sit there like a weirdo looking at the status bar lol if not I'm on YouTube finding some new channels to watch
  2. Sara Isabella

    DIY Summer Room Decor + Snacks!

    Hi everyone!! Just look for some feedback on my videos and channel so far! If you have any, feel free to let me know! Anything at all is appreciated!! Sara Isabella
  3. UnaverageNorwegian

    Any tips on how to decorate an appealing background setting?

    Hi Guys, Im gonna get right to the point. I want to have an designated room to do recordings in. Right now i dont feel like i have a good place to do that, so i have just been recording while being outside, driving and so on. I have the room ready. its not big but i guess it will do. I tried...
  4. AXIS


    so when i record my voice is like super high pitched and its like im recording in a small church any tips for this?