How to do face cam?


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I use Nvidia Shadowplay, but when I try adding my camera to the top-left in the overlay settings, it bugs out Nvidia Shadowplay, making it impossible to record videos, requiring an uninstall and reinstall of the GeForce Experience driver in order to fix.

I do have a video editor (My dad used to do amateur film making, we still have the video editor he used back then, I got permission to use it) which could allow me to edit in a face cam recording, but that seems like a lot of work considering I'm doing this channel of mine completely on my own and uploading two videos a day (it would take about 20 minutes for me to edit in my face cam recording to the top-left of my video, a lot of work considering I got school and real-world problems to deal with as well)

The question is if there's a simpler way to edit in a face cam which doesn't involve tedious editing?
Record your face cam seperatly and sync the audio to your video, that's the only real way i can think of.