Problem with video quality on Youtube


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Hi, I'm sefigu and I have a very serious problem with the quality of my YouTube videos.
This problem is certainly due to my ignorance, so I am asking you for help my dear friends.

- Recording programs and devices:
I've recorded my video in 24, 30, 60 frames at 1920x1080p resolution through my pc and on xbox one x via elgato hd60s and trust me, all raw .mp4 recordings look great.
All problems start when I start editing and rendering my project ...

- My editing and rendering program is Is DaVinci Resolve 16:
I have probably tried all the tutorials that are available on youtube regarding project settings, specific codecs and rendering and nothing works. My video is of such poor quality that no one would want to watch it, even me ...
Will there be a professional here about Youtube or DaVinci Resolve and would like to help me in this topic? I will be very grateful because I have been trying to fix it for several months.
I will answer everything, give you all the specifications if you want.

Thank you to everyone who is interested in this matter.
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