Vlog Collab from anywhere around the world!!!

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Hey Guys!

I've had such a great idea of how we can grow our channels in a short amount of time.

So basically we create a channel, you upload a video on your slotted day of the week then POOF you're channel is growing! This can range from story times, vlogs, travelling, ANYTHING you want. And the best part is you can do it without the hassle of having your own channel or if you do (like me) you have another channel to grow from.

I'm looking for around 7 people (one for every day of the week) so hmu if you're interested. But before you guys decline or race for this great idea, lol, I'll tell you a bit about myself!

So my name is Lauren
I have a channel called LifeWithLauren
I used to be based in London, UK, but now I've moved to the sunny state of Florida, USA

Anything else you wanna know literally just hmu :)
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