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Haha, that clickbait was pretty cool! Just a disclaimer, I'M NOT DOING SUB 4 SUB OR WHATEVER, 100% OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE LEGIT AND PEOPLE THAT WATCH


Hey guys!

So I was wondering since there is still so much sub4sub going on, have you guys ever done it or are you doing it? I just want to know why you would think that it would actually help! I get quite a lot of comments on my Instagram pictures asking for a sub4sub, but I always delete those comments.

So, have you ever done sub4sub? The temptation might be too much and you want to get 1000's of subscribers, but honestly I think it's better to just gain natural subscribers! I feel pretty good now that I reached 109 subscribers without begging for subscribers! Just some people that actually want to subscribe! Freedom is an amazing thing isn't it? ;)

Oh, have a great day!

I have done it before. I got my first 20-40 subs by doing so, and I wouldn't say I am ashamed of it because It got the ball rolling for me and started to bring traffic to my channel. I learned that It was not a good thing to do, so I would say it helped me. Those people who subbed have probably left my channel by now because they inactive accounts too. I will try anything once haha ;D
I often receive messages and comments on Youtube off people telling me they are subbing to me and that i will have to sub them back and stay active so i just ignore it.

I had one guy tell me he will sub to me only if i sub back and PROMISE to stay active and if i didn't he would report me (for what?).

So that made me laugh :p
Amusingly, I never did sub4sub but my subscribers are basically inactive aside from a few people. I suppose it's also a matter of luck.
In the beginning I thought It would be a great idea because a ton of people asked me for sub4sub. I watch a lot of youtube videos so even though what you upload might not be the most interesting for me , if I am subbed to you I will watch it for support. The thing is I did that for about 3 weeks and realized quickly that all those sub4sub had unsubscribed from my channel like a week after subscribing. That is how a lot of people get subscribers and they do the same on twitter.. They follow you and then a week goes by and they unfollow you.

IMO its really weird and I don't do it anymore, If someone subscribes to me and I get an email about it ( only people who show their subscriptions will be the ones I get a notification from) I check out their channel if they have one and if I like it I subscribe just out of support !

I think its a great way to support eachother & get friends at the same time :)
As a small Youtuber, it's easy to believe that people don't like subscribing to other small channels. If you study psychology, humans have the natural tendency to just follow the crowd. Like if you see a crowd suddenly look up at the sky, you'll be tempted to look up as well. So by increasing your sub count, we tend to conclude this will increase our subscribe rate. Now this is actually somewhat true. Having 2k subs now, I can tell you people are subscribing much more often then when I had just 500, and based on other channels who are much bigger, the pattern continues. The real problem with sub4sub is that people who do it don't focus on other areas of their channel that are actually more important, like SEO, promoting, and quality of video. Also while people do tend to follow the masses, many are not easily deceived. If I see a channel with 5000 subscribers but each of his videos get like 50 views, then I know he's just sub4subbing or buying them or does not deliver good content.

While I never sub4sub, I pretty much persuaded about 150 of my friends to subscribe to me, which in a way is sub4sub minus the fact I didn't sub to anyone. While a few of these friends do actually support and watch my channel, most I assume don't. But I think having a sub count above 200 within my first 2 weeks allowed me to grow fairly quickly.
The idea for sub4sub has always seemed desperate to me. I have thought about it but my channel will grow naturally on its own if I just give it time. I want people to subscribe to me because they enjoy my content not because I subbed to them. Having 100's of subscribers doesn't really mean much if they don't even watch your videos. Most sub for sub accounts have very bad stats. Thousands of subscribers but only about 60 views. It's very tempting as a small channel but it is not worth it.
You will be tempted but I don't think it's good for your channel, the people who "sub" will usually be inactive and won't do anything.
Everyone is tempted to do Sub4Sub at some points, but personally I don't think it's good for a channel as the people who subscribe to you might unsubscribe just so that you're subscribed to them
If you bothered using the search function (I know right, it's SUPER complicated) you would have gathered two things:

1. Don't do it. Take that meme with shia...

And think "JUST DON'T DO IT"

2. If you do it all you get are inactive subs that end up unsubscribing down the line. And you're a loser for trying to game the system. You either got it or you don't. You can't get to the top using half measures. You get there trough sheer luck, hard work and dedication.