1. Zivlon


    What's up guys Zivlon here! I am so excited to say that I have got 200 video views and 10 subscribers (Even though YouTube is still stuck at 9, but on my creator studio it says ten)! I am really proud of myself because I only started this channel less than a month ago. Thank you, to everybody...
  2. Frankie95


    Helloooo, I just started youtube and I have like 56 subs. I made a couple of videos so far because I started like 8 days ago or so, but each of my two videos have reached a 100+ views on the first day of their uploads. I am not boasting I'm just saying that I really take the quality of my videos...
  3. Shadow Major

    150 Subscriber thank you video!

    Just a quick video to thank all the people who have subscribed to me, along with just generally watching my footage, you guys have given me the will to keep pushing forward, you guys are awesome :)
  4. isn2011

    Finally passed 20 subscribers :D

    Okay I know it isn't a massive achievement, however, I am now happy to say that I have achieved the 20 subscriber milestone, can't wait to hit 50 next :)
  5. Deron

    Getting Your First 100 Subs

    Getting your first 100 subs is the hardest milestone in my book cause once you hit a 100 subs, you will just start to gain subs a lot faster. That is something I realize, I guess youtube push you a bit more if you reach a 100 subs or other viewers see you have subscribers and like your content...
  6. Readee

    No longer getting any new subs

    hi everyone so I've been on YouTube for a about a month now, uploading every weekend. During this time I've manage to gain 20 subs. which i'm absolutely stoked about don't get me wrong. But I've have noticed that i haven't gain any new subscribers during the last two weeks. I haven't loss any...
  7. Rjayo

    Reaction Channel - Struggling to compete with the small dogs never mind the big dogs!

    Hey guys I've recently started a Reaction channel.These are very popular right now and everyone is doing them, so i can understand why my subs are not budging! I started of doing it for fun but I've fallen into that YouTube trap where i check my likes/subs every few hours! I really enjoy it so...
  8. Lrulesok

    When you started youtube?

    So when you started youtube do you think yourself back then would be happy with how far you have come on Youtube. I think my previous self would be disappointed that I don't do Match Attax videos anymore but I think they would be happy with how many subs and views I have got. What about you guys?

    200 Subs, Let's keep it going!

    I just hit 200 subscribers on my youtube channel, thanks to everyone here at YTtalk for subscribing. My channel may have just started having more reliable video uploads, but I'm not done yet with the quality of my content. Expect super awesome stuff moving forward! I've got a few questions...
  10. Abrupt

    1 year and a half - Only 1600 subscribers.

    What am I doing wrong? I know I don't post everyday and I have to work on that, so that one is on me. However, I have tried to do everything. Here's something I know I have to work on: Talking in my videos (very nervous due to low self-esteem, I'll work on it) Regular uploads Thumbnails Find...
  11. Lightsen

    I can't believe it... 50,000 subscribers! :D + AMA

    I've been on youtube for almost all of youtube's existance, but lately the channel has been gaining speed. 50 thousand subscribers is a number I never thought I could reach ever in a millenium. I want to thank you all here for your support, kind words, and advice, I know some of you here have...