1. Porcupixel

    Good Content/Posting Daily = No Traffic??

    Hey everyone! We're new to the forum and since being on, we've reached out to get some opinions on our channel and content. Proud to say all reviews have been positive. Some critiques here and there of course, but overall people really seem to enjoy what we're putting out. We post 6 days a...
  2. ollyfp

    Gaming Want to collab for some IRL videos!! and form a YouTube group?

    I am looking for someone who posts regular quality content to collab with. I have 700 subs and my average view per video is around 400-500. I have a Canon EOS 700D, phantom 3 drone and a load of Go Pro's. I want to make some really good videos with other YouTubers who may want to form a group...
  3. TheZombieHunter23

    Request I need a channel banner? (Free)

    Hello there. I would like to request a channel banner for free. You will recieve an: Shoutout from me Thank you for your time.
  4. K

    No one is subscribing anymore :(

    Hey everyone :) For a couple of months I gained a few subs quite quickly but ever since July my video's are getting less views and hardly any likes. Can anyone see a change in my content which may have caused this? I'm only 2 subscribers from my 100 goal and I really want to make sure I'm...
  5. ZinQ Nasty

    Gaming Starting NEW Black OPS 3 Challenge

    WHATS UP! I am starting a challenge on Black ops 3 you must get the Raps score streak in Search and Destroy. No care-package Raps Check out the challenge video below. Its the latest video on my youtube channel btw. Yes I already beat the challenge.haha that was before I thought it...
  6. TheSGGamingChannel

    10 Subs!

    I am pretty excited about this; my channel is growing slowly, but I'm trying as hard as I can to make friends in the community and get people to enjoy my content. As soon as I start my film series later on this year, I really hope that subscriber count goes up a bit. Thanks for the support!
  7. GigaPower

    New Milestone 200 Subscribers !

    Currently i am at 148 Subscribers and my goal was 100 subs by 7/10/16 and I reach it! Thanks for everyone who subscribed! I want to reach 200 Subscribers by 8/1/16! If you any of you guys on intested in subscribing I post gaming content like Grand Theft Auto 5, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege...
  8. SeanFace101

    Does The Sub Count Increase Instantly After A Sub?

    When someone subscribes to my channel, does the sub count on my channel increase by 1 as soon as it happens? or Is there a delay after the person subscribes till the counter increases? :P
  9. mariahgrace

    Getting Started

    Does anyone have any advice for getting views and subscribers without spending money?
  10. Will films

    HELP | Rapid subscriber drop

    Hello, we run a Youtube channel focused on the modified car scene. For the past 5 months we have created regular content every week, at least 2-3 videos a week. Different styles inc. car reviews and vlogs about drifting. The channel started to gain traction getting us 6-7k subscribers a month...
  11. PunchbowlGaming

    Just Realised I past 30k views!

    Hey guys, I was looking at everyones milestones so thought I would check out my own view numbers and saw I just past 30k! This is awesome, hopefully I can keep the viewers coming!
  12. Rektolodeon

    Request I Need A Youtube Outro.

    Hello my Youtube name is Rektolodeon and I want and outro for my Youtube channel. If you do I can shout you out in a video. I have 22 subs as of right now and want to restart my channel and make some better quality videos. If you could, link me to an outro or two that you have made. It does not...
  13. Sk Jony

    Achive 500 Subscribe Club

    After long journey I got 500 subscriber in my channel. It was really hard to get subscribe on YouTube channel. But if you can hard work and target your can reach your destination easily. Thanks YT community and all of my friends and YT users . After join this community I learn more...
  14. Willyghee


    I'm extremely happy with myself although this is a low number It gives me the motivation to achieve my next goal 200 subscribers! 3 days ago i was at 37 subs and now I'm at 100! Thank you everyone for all the support and checkout my new upload on my channel! :) Thanks, Will
  15. Cute Japan Toys

    Other New to YouTube! :)

    Hi guys! Hope you guys are all doing okay. Me and my daughter just recently started our channel (May). Our content is for kids, mainly toy unboxing, reviews and anything that kids would enjoy. Was hoping if you guys could check out our channel and share how can it be more visible for our...
  16. GamingwithNick

    How I got 150 Subs in the last 28 days.

    I thought I would share some of my strategies since they seem to be working fairly well for me. Let's start with demotivation. It will never be enough. I have earned 509 subs in 90 days, 150 in 28 days and 25 the last 7 days. This growth is more then I could ever imagined, and yet I still find...
  17. LadyAiluro

    300 Subscribers Holy WHAT

    Woke up this morning and done my ussual thing. Look in the corner of my eye and there it is ... 300! Can you imagine all these 300 people in a room or a hall. It's crazy! I try not to think about numbers too much and just do what i do, but wow does it give you a boost in motivation.
  18. ApexTV

    5,000 Subscribers!

    Wow! Just a couple of days ago I was celebrating 4,000 subscribers! Now it's up to 5,000! Thank you YTTalk community for all the valuable YouTube information! :thanksthumbs: :woohoo!:
  19. Mattaxol

    Channel grew from 0 subs to 1k subs out of nowhere?

    Can someone please explain this? Someone who recently joined my High School (College in NZ) gave me his channel and his Skype, but he had like 7 videos and very very low views, and quite low quality, so I was suspicious how he just had 1,000 Subscribers. I check his SocialBlade and I find...
  20. ApexTV

    4,000 Subscribers!

    Growth on my channel, ApexTV, is currently very rapid and it managed to reach a whopping 4,000 subscribers a few days ago. I attribute this rapid growth to a video on my channel that recently went viral. It goes to show how much just a single video's success can impact your overall channel's...
  21. ApexTV

    3,000 Subscribers!

    My channel ApexTV just hit 3,000 subscribers a few days ago and I think this is a significant milestone. The recent sudden increase in subscribers (almost 100 subscribers a day) has been due to one of my recent videos going viral. It showed me that having a single video get almost 200,000 views...
  22. Frostbite Fitness

    100 Subs in less than a month

    So guys i recently hit 100 subs in less than a month. getting around to post this a bit late but i figured its worth celebrating for! I know 100 in 1 month isnt amazing or anything but its deffinetly pretty fast. Ive met some really awsome people on here and i appreciate everyone who has...
  23. TheBossman

    Why do some people hide subscriber count?

    So I have come across a few channels that hide how many subscribers they have. Why do people do this? Do you do this? If so why? I am not judging anyone who does, I just do not understand why they do and not knowing things bugs the life out of me.
  24. Challenge this

    Just hit 2k subs and 100k views

    Its been 8 long months but I have to say thank you to all from the forums who have helped us achieve 100k views and 2k subs milestone for us! Next stop 5k.
  25. O

    Tip on how to categorize your channel

    I have one Channel for my personal stuff, Comedy and vlogs. I have another one for my film business that I use to upload concert films and my documentaries. Eventually I will branch out to film tutorials and game reviews. Here is what I will do to eliminate needing a bunch of channels. I will...
  26. charlie Chong

    50 Subscribers:) YAY

    I just got into Youtube and it's really fun! I love sports and Taekwondo is my passion~! I love creating Taekwondo/Martial arts videos and of course more to come! Just Reached 50 SUBS Thank you all :) New Goal is to get 100 subscribers! Let's grow together! Thank you! :)
  27. MurrehHD

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration

    Im looking for fun and chilled out gamers (XBOX ONE) to collab with. On a variety of games. Hit me up on a game youd like to do i you have one specifically in mind. I tend to play and record on: -Fifa 16 -Black Ops 3 -GTA V -Rocket League -ARK but I can manage to get other game, depending on...
  28. BrunosWorld

    100 Subscribers Woohoo!

    Finally hit that 100 mark! Thanks to all my loyal subscribers. Next mark is 500!
  29. xingcat

    Subscription Exhaustion?

    I try to be a really good subscriber. If I've subbed to a channel, I try very hard to watch whatever videos are uploaded, give 'em a like and a comment, and really stay engaged. However, as I'm subscribed to more and more channels, that's getting a bit harder to keep up with. Added to this...
  30. Brandon and Chantelle

    3,000 Subscribers and almost 300,000 views!

    My goal forever has been 10,000 subscribers and I can't wait to get it! Recently I just hit 3,000 subscribers and now so nearly approaching 4,000!, we have been growing at a decent rate! but now it is slowing down a bit and we are approaching 350,000 views in total now but our goal is 1,000,000! :D