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Hello, we run a Youtube channel focused on the modified car scene. For the past 5 months we have created regular content every week, at least 2-3 videos a week. Different styles inc. car reviews and vlogs about drifting. The channel started to gain traction getting us 6-7k subscribers a month. At this point today, we are experiencing a huge drop that started about a month ago and has not stopped. The view time and new subscriptions had gone down drastically. We did not change any format, created similar content and had good feedback from the viewers. We started using emojis in all of our titles somewhere through this time scale, but I am not sure how it would affect the the drop. Also we kept engaging with other creators in their comments section as before. So basically we did not change our game plan through this period. Has anyone experienced this, what was the solution, what is the best advise for us to get back on the game?

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Keep on pushing and don't worry about those fake subs. Do what you love and network with your audience on what is wrong
Car modding and emojis just don't sound like a good blend in my opinion. Emojis are kind of pop culture-ish and car modding seems kinda like an underground tough guy scene. I don't know. If you feel like it's hurting your channel that badly then just generate some new thumbnails. It may be extra time put into old videos, but it could be worth it in the long run.
This can be quite normal. The more subs you have, the more inclined people are to sub to your channel even if they're not 100% interested. People like subbing to popular channels so the subs dropping could be an indication of that. Just keep plugging away.
Did you at all had a video or videos that became a huge hit? Chances are that their relevance is starting to depreciate, and so are your views and subscribers. Looking at your socialblade statistics, it looks like you caught a wave starting in January, which correlates with your subscriber count going up. Now compare your view total in May to June, it's already clear that your view counts are going down. Traffic to your channel has simply been trending down recently, and it's reflective on your subscriber count.