subscriber drop

  1. J

    Views and Subscribers Data are Missing with Shades on Youtube Analytics

    Hi All, I'm a beginner on YouTube and want to ask something. Today my views and subscribers drop then I see YouTube analytics to check it. I see that there is a data section shaded with writing data processing. Does that mean my data is being reviewed by Youtube? May I know the details about...
  2. pioneer1

    YouTube Warns Creators They May See Subscriber Count Drops Amid Spam-Account Purge

    Message in Youtube dashboard On December 13-14, 2018, you may see a noticeable decrease in your subscriber count as we remove spam from your channel. Learn more support . google . c o m /youtube /answer/6051134?p=subscription_spam&visit_id=636804059299207250-1680415629&rd=1 variety . c o m...
  3. Pedro Nascimento

    Sudden drop in SUBSCRIBERS. Why?

    Hello to you all, I have been the past week trying to figures it out but I can't do it alone. I have a travel channel on YouTube and I have been growing slowly. I manage to get to a point of getting 3 subscribers a day on average. About 80 to 90 subscribers a day. Suddenly on September 13, 14...
  4. Ashlee Warfield

    Needing A Little Motivation?

    Hello Everyone! I started youtube 2 years ago, dreamed about being a big star one day, which I guess everyone wishes to be as well and I posted quite a while ago trying to help others in this forum with motivation which actually helped! I had a break from making YouTube videos for about 5...
  5. KantoGaming

    Gain a Sub Lose A Sub

    My channel has been doing this a lot lately. I will gain a subscriber and then the next day I will lose a Sub, or sometimes even the same day. And no it's not the people who just subbed that are unsubscribing. I have a feeling it's because i did a giveaway a while ago and now all of those...
  6. DuncanT

    Thoughts on people who do sub4sub?

    Haha, that clickbait was pretty cool! Just a disclaimer, I'M NOT DOING SUB 4 SUB OR WHATEVER, 100% OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE LEGIT AND PEOPLE THAT WATCH --- Hey guys! So I was wondering since there is still so much sub4sub going on, have you guys ever done it or are you doing it? I just want to...
  7. K

    No one is subscribing anymore :(

    Hey everyone :) For a couple of months I gained a few subs quite quickly but ever since July my video's are getting less views and hardly any likes. Can anyone see a change in my content which may have caused this? I'm only 2 subscribers from my 100 goal and I really want to make sure I'm...
  8. theredletterORG

    Does Advertising Even Work!?!

    I am at a stage right now where I am starting to explore advertisements through Adwords and Facebook ads. Has anyone had any success in that area? Are there tutorial videos out there that anyone would strongly suggest? I have already completed my first campaign with a small budget of 5...
  9. Will films

    HELP | Rapid subscriber drop

    Hello, we run a Youtube channel focused on the modified car scene. For the past 5 months we have created regular content every week, at least 2-3 videos a week. Different styles inc. car reviews and vlogs about drifting. The channel started to gain traction getting us 6-7k subscribers a month...