channel help

  1. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Review

    A while ago I had my Channel reviewed and I had some really helpful feedback. Since then I like to think I have changed up my editing style and have some more funnier edits. The areas of feedback I feel I really need is Content, Thumbnails, and Channel design. I have thinking about renaming my...
  2. milesgamix77

    Hey guys i need some suggestions from you guys.

    OK guys, I dont come on here much so i apologize for that. I need you guys to tell me what i can do to let people see my channel more and what videos to upload. I have been struggling to upload many videos becuase I dont have a clear direction of things to upload. I want to upload random games...
  3. T

    help Needed

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a few people to help me create this YouTube channel. I want to create this channel so we can see the prospective of other creators in the YouTube community. I want to help other people grow, i don't have any money to offer this is a totally a free thing i cant...
  4. JayyDaGawd

    Stuck at 30 subs!!!

    Hey guys!!! I have been stuck at 30 subs for a few weeks now and also my views per video have dropped a ton. I honestly don't know why this is happening and would like some feedback. I know I don't upload everyday or consistently, but I was getting 25-30 views a video now I'm only getting...
  5. spektronomy

    Now, an honest request here

    Hello everone, So as I've written somewhere else on a forum, I've come back after roughly 1,5 year of "hiatus" and started recording stuff again, and I'd love some of you who would be willing(gaming content can get bothersome at some point ik) and tell me what they think about the way I do...
  6. M

    16 mi

  7. KantoGaming

    Audience retention

    im always getting comments saying that people love my videos/series but then my audience retention is never really that high under analytics. I mean I do get numbers that watch the whole videos, but a good majority don't. Should I focus on the analytics as much as I do? I don't get it
  8. SeanFace101

    Does this happen to anyone else? (Uploads Sections on Channel)

    Does anyone else's Recent Uploads section on their main channel page keep resetting or something back to just showing the 2 latest videos rather than the 10 or so it is meant to show? It has been happening to me a few times recently, does it happen to everyone? I have added a photo with this...
  9. JP16

    Should i add Gaming to end of the word Psionic ??

    Hello guys just a quick question should i add Gaming to the channel name Psionic? im about to change my channel name and was wondering if its better if i dont add gaming? if you find the name hard to pronounce its pronounced Si-ON-IC Or is this name even anygood xD
  10. adams eats

    Recipes, longer or shorter videos?

    OK so I watched an hour long seminar by Derrel eves yesterday which was fascinating. He was talking about baseline watch time minutes and how he helped channels double their views each month by capitalising on YouTube's algorithm. He basically said that watch time is king and you should be...
  11. The Paranormal Scholar

    Channel collapsing in a week, blip?

    Hello, Our channel is almost a year and a half old. Recently we have been pushing to expand our growth. Over the past month and a half we have been making two videos a week which have all been received positively and our growth was good. However, last Friday we put up a video about occultism...
  12. Brandzor


    Hello there! I've recently started back up on YouTube after a long period away (mainly due to laziness in making videos), however I came to miss it. I've now returned and in fairness I have tried to upgrade my channel with new banners, logo, intro and everything else. HOWEVER, If someone or a...
  13. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Are these changes will be good for my channel??

    Hello best friends, So I'm doing youtube over 4 months now & I have a tutorial channel, I make 3 videos every week.Till now I got around 172 subs.All things are going normal but over the last couple of days, everything is going wrong with my channel.I checked my youtube analytics & it's just...
  14. ImLeek

    Gaming XB1 Youtuber Collabs

    Hey guys this thread is for xbox one players who are youtubers looking for collabs to help grow their channel. My gamertag is Ma1ique And if you would consider it go check out my channel, comment( i really need feedback) and subscribe if you like what you see My Channel name is ImLeek
  15. KantoGaming

    Do you think channel trailers are important?

    I have has my channel for a few months and I have just made a channel trailer. Do you think channel trailers are important? Do you think people who first click on your channel actually watch them? Just curious :D
  16. S

    [Advice] Quit YouTube, came back

    Hello, I quit YouTube quite a few months back with around 1k subscribers (due to real life issues as well as technical) and came back to 1.5k subscribers with a motivation to continue. What should I do? Start a new channel or continue and try muster back the views and subscribers to start...
  17. East To West Vlogs

    How Do I Get My First 50 Subs? HELP!

    Hey guys! So I recently started my vlogging channel with my brother (East to West Vlogs), where we just show our daily lives, and usually show the comparisons between where we live now and our origins. I wanted to have a motivational and inspirational approach to it as well as a funny one, just...
  18. MAGnify

    Topic Ideas? :D

    So right now I am at 65 subscribers, and I'm trying to produce the best possible content within reason. Now, my channel is going to be a channel that can suit many different styles of videos that people want to watch. Some for all! But, the issue i'm having, is for the commentary part of this...
  19. Hyper Gaming

    Thinking of changing my channel name

    Hello I am thinking of changing my channel name to make the channel standout better on YouTube, the reason why I am thinking of changing my channel name is that there is tons of other Hyper Gaming channels (1030 to be exact) if you search HyperGaming and over 7000 if you search Hyper Gaming...
  20. R

    Critique My Channel Please? I'm Stuck

    I was in between about posting this because some people could say that I am just sharing the link to my channel which is not exactly true. I want critiqued, be as harsh or as friendly as possible. Are my newest thumbnails appealing? (My...
  21. MZ-101

    Unable to know why I'm not growing? (Give me your honest/brutal review)

    I'm Absolutely confused! I'm not really sure as to why my channel is not doing any good. I had one great advice that my videos are quite long but, other than that everyone keeps telling me that "My videos are great!", "Editing is solid!", "Quality video...!" which at first was very flattering...
  22. darkstarmedia

    Banner Help, Pretty Please!

    Hey, guys! So, I recently updated my avatar and I'm really happy with it but now my banner doesn't match and I'd like to update it. I'm a bit rubbish at things like this, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what my new banner could be? For reference, I'm an educational comedy...
  23. D

    Channel design?

    Today, I have spent some time designing the channel icon and channel art and was keenly interested to find out what people think. I think it is a basic design and is "good" enough for me and what I want, I'll explain why I done those designs. Firstly, the channel icon is blue, red and white...
  24. DarrenX92

    I need help or advise

    Hello everyone! Basically I've had a YouTube channel for roughly 2 years, I starterd progressing getting subscribers. I was uploading almost every day, until I started lacking the motivation I had before. I probably stopped for about six months or so, stupid I know. So here's the thing I tried...
  25. GooberVlogs

    Social Blade Help

    wazzup everyone =) So I was on SocialBlade to just look up my channel and it said channel type games??? Is there a way to change that?? Before it said vlogs and that's what I want it to be.. Does socialblade randomly put that there or can I change it on my youtube settings thanks