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Feb 16, 2016
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Today, I have spent some time designing the channel icon and channel art and was keenly interested to find out what people think. I think it is a basic design and is "good" enough for me and what I want, I'll explain why I done those designs. Firstly, the channel icon is blue, red and white because of the England flag (where I live) and a basic but sort of seamless design. It could be bigger in the long term like the circles and enlarge the text as well, however I will do small tweaks if it is necessary. Secondly, the channel art is black because it suits what I plan to do my game play mainly on (Counter Strike) which you can instantly pick up with the CT models behind the text which I do like, simple and actually looks nice with just white text over it saying DoubleUP which is my channels name. Also, you can imiedantly infer what my channel is about. Finally, could you please suggest any ideas and anything that I could do to improve my designs before I decide to do anything as I believe that is crucial before I actually upload videos, like thumbnails that attract and consider them subscribing to the channel itself.

Update - I made the channel link work!
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