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In my opinion this is the most important rule of them all. I'd highly recommend creating content about something you enjoy doing, that way you won't feel forced to create videos or have a hard time doing it. If you enjoy doing what you are creating that will allow you to enjoy the process. Follow your passion & the success will come with that. Keep in mind that growing a large YouTube channel can take years, if you are creating certain types of videos that you don't enjoy & are doing them just because you think they will go viral or give you success the chances are that you won't get anywhere due to the fact that you won't be enjoying the content you create meaning you'll eventually get bored & the content will slack (your viewers will notice). I recently revamped my whole channel & i'm creating videos that I enjoy creating, i'm having so much fun & loving the process. I highly recommend you guys do this. IF you don't know what your passion is, feel free to experiment, try out different types of videos & feel your content/channel out :)

Thumbnails are very very important. You're video could be awesome but without an eye catching thumbnail it most likely won't get the exposure it deserves. Think of it this way, if you are browsing through YouTube & you see a very well presented, eye catching thumbnail vs a video with a basic or no thumbnail, what would YOU click on? I bet 90% of you would click on the one with the eye catching thumbnail. Another thing is most people believe that they already have the best thumbnails .etc. Trust me you could always do better, i'm constantly improving each time too. RESEARCH, look at others videos, get ideas, learn advanced Photoshop techniques & most importantly come up with thumbnails that are very eye catching & clickable.

Consistency is key, in every aspect of life. This is why in step number 1 I said to follow your passion, as creating videos you enjoy will make you much more consistent. Post at least once a week (depending on your content). Don't rush out a video, plan it out & once again enjoy the process. Many people start slacking when they see their channel isn't growing fast enough, always remember it starts off slow but every single subscriber you get means the quicker your growth will happen. Larger accounts grow quicker on YouTube it's just a fact!

This is something a lot of marketers use, it can be a very useful rule to use in your YouTube videos! The first 15 seconds of your video are the most important, it will decide if a viewer clicks off or stays watching. You'll have your viewers attention for most likely 15 seconds but if you don't entice them to keep on watching then there is a high probability they will click off your video. I always start off my videos with an exciting preview of what my video is about, my viewers seem to love it! (I also love editing so creating those previews isn't even for marketing purposes I just love the way they look haha). Feel free to look at how I start off my videos for an example.

NEVER give up, the only reason for giving up would be because you don't enjoy the content you are creating, you then would need to rethink your channel & decide if you should be creating a different type of content. That's why I always recommend to create videos that you love & are passionate about as you'll never give up & will always enjoy doing it. The main tip I have is to always enjoy creating your content, if you enjoy doing something you won't care how long it takes, how fast you grow or how many views you get, you'll enjoy the process & grow along side that. I've learned to do that, i'm now creating content that I LOVE to create & i'm having a blast.

I hope this helps a lot of you on your journey, it definitely has helped me so I decided to share it here with you guys. Remember FOLLOW YOUR PASSION & THE SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW!
Thumnails are most important. When you use some pretty girl in thumb you will get more clicks