Need advice on creating good content! What is everyone using for video editing?

Below is a kids educational video I did with my daughter. I just want advice on making better videos so that we can gain more subscribers. Any advice on editing and any advice on the things Im doing wrong?
It looks like your camera was hand held. I'd use a tripod to reduce camera movement. I'd use the editor to cut out the panning upward and just join the clips with a film dissolve transition. I'd use the editor to zoom in on the face at different points in the video to give it a little more variety. I couldn't understand what your daughter says in the first few seconds of the video. I'd make a title sequence with the title lasting 5 or 6 seconds at the start of the video. Nicely done.
For editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition for sound editing. The programs work together to let you edit the sound on the video timeline within Premiere Pro.