Comparing the two cameras, the Canon 700D (T5i) is an upgrade but its debatable whether it's a upgrade worth making. The cameras are, from what I can see, fairly equal in quality within their respective brands. If you want to make a serious upgrade you need to look at full frame (35mm sensor) Canon DSLR's. These are ones such as the 6D or 5D. Possibly the 7D but don't quote me on that one.

It is however down to your personal research and judgement. The selection of lenses you'd get with the 700D is far superior to the Sony camera you use. Again, it's whether these points make it worth it for you.

Best of luck!
Yeah I wanted to get into the Canon system because of the huge range of lenses and accessories

Canon and Nikon are your market leaders. I toot Canon's horn only because that's what I started with and have now invested completely in the brand. Nikon I'm sure would do you just as good a service.

It all depends on your budget to be honest. There's no requirement for you to share that information obviously but have a look at the full range of Canon DSLR's and see where you sit in terms of budget. Compare them all and work out if it's truly worth upgrading.

I'd be interested to hear why you think that? It's a great little camera; another possible for Sam to look at.

It is a great camera and so far I'm really loving it. The problems I have are on the operator side of things. I'm still learning how to configure it for shooting the best quality videos it's capable of.