1. KerrysWorld

    Review of Sigma f 1.4 16mm Lens

    Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to post this! Just uploaded a video reviewing the highly talked about lens (this version is for the Canon M series). We’ve gone over the pros and cons to use it, if anyone’s curious about making this purchase...
  2. The Unwanted Letter

    Shooting raw on t3i majority of the time worth it?

    I want to try shooting raw on my canon t3i, but i wanted to know is shooting raw for all of my short films worth it, i know i need a lot of storage, and fast sd cards and lets say i have these and just want to shoot and render 1080p is this worth it or i should stick to jpeg?? thanks
  3. B

    Conversion rates?

    So my channel is only about a month old, growth the first two weeks exploded ( in my eyes) and i hit about 40 subs, but over the last week or two i've only gained 6 subs but my views are still going up, I just passed 400 views. I did a little experiment and posted a new video and didn't promote...
  4. Nicky Furmage

    Unsure about 60 fps for 8 day vlog?

    Ill be doing an 8 day las vegas vlog soon and after upgrading to a G7X mark 2 im unsure weather to go 60 fps or stick to 30 fps? After doing some test runs i feel its great at 60 fps and looks super smooth, im just wondering if hours of footage at 60 fps to edit a 8 day vlog may be a big ask...
  5. Nicky Furmage

    Whats your point and shoot camera of choice?

    Just wondering what everyones using vlogging wise, im looking at purchasing a G7X mk2 in the future. What you using and why what are your thoughts?
  6. KingleBricks


    Just thought I'd give my two cents about the dslr vs point and shoot discussion, personally i just bought a canon rebel sl1 for making my videos and the quality jumped through the roof! as far as point and shoot goes i think they are fine for making youtube content but there is also competition...
  7. Alexander Williams

    Camera and lenses advice! (Please)!

    Hi everyone, hope all is well! I have a few questions! (Apologies)! So I've been doing YouTube a wee while now but had to give it up in June last year and sell all my stuff as well! (Long long story)! But in April this year I will have the opportunity to begin it again! WEHEY! So I want...
  8. Nicky Furmage

    Filmora Wandershare at 1080p 60fps?

    Hi guys I currently use wandershare for my videos but im looking at upgrading my camera to a canon g7x. If i shoot at 1080p 60fps will wandershare be ok for this? Thoughts please?
  9. Nicky Furmage

    Canon G7X mkii users please?

    Guys Im thinking of upgrading to this camera this year for shooting vlogs and just wondered.... do you need a 2nd battery, hows the life when shooting video? what editing software are you using with it? (i use wandershare but i dont think you can use 1080p right?) any tips welcome Nicky
  10. Kade2110

    In Need of A New Editing Software

    Hey everyone! So I just started my videos, and I have a Canon hd camera, but when I go and edit my videos, I use Windows Movie Maker, and it turns the video not HD when I put it on full screen. Is there any other recommendations for an editing software for pc? Or does windows movie maker keep it...
  11. Pedro Nascimento

    I can't decide which lense is best! Need some Help!

    Hello guys, I needed some help choosing between two lenses Which one has more quality? EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM It if for filming RAW with a Canon 5D Mark III Thank you in advance for any reply Pedro
  12. Failproductions

    Homemade Cannon!

  13. N

    Which camera to start with

    Hey all! I am new to these forums but excited to read all the tips and knowledge available from you experts. I am newer to filming to put on YouTube, but have done some basic filming of my hobbies for the past 2 years or so. I have used my smartphone and a few different GoPros. Getting to the...
  14. T

    Help Needed to Transfer HDV/DV Tape Footage

    Facts: - I recently acquired an XH-A1 Canon for college. - I used it to film a wedding recently, but I'm having troubles capturing and transferring it. - I tried using both Windows Movie Maker and HDVSplit .77 beta to capture and transfer it, but both times the files would say size of 0 bytes...
  15. smithgirl86

    My Cover of Canon by Johann Pachelbel

    In today’s video, I play one of my favorite classical songs entitled, Canon by Johann Pachelbel!
  16. LordFrench

    Todays Vlog :)

    Cant Believe After Watching My Own Vlog That I Come Across Slightly Mad lol
  17. Jubair194

    New £2000 Camera! Does it make a difference?

    Hey guys. I've recently bought a Canon 5D mark II an a microphone. Please review my funny channel and tell me if the content looks better now than before! Thank you all!
  18. Occasional Vlog

    getting motivated and being brave. daily vlog #4

    We all get rattled by different things and for me that involves (pretty much anything) outside my home, for it is indeed where my heart is. But being brave is on my manifesto hence this crazy attempt at daily vlogging - so brave I will be. A small challenge for some, a big one for me so be...
  19. sir.penguin

    Cheap way to record in RAW

    I had this idea for a while. There's a cheap way to film videos in raw format, it should cost you around 400$-$500 if you really wanted to do this. You see there's this company called Magic Lantern that makes software for Canon cameras. With their software, it allows you to record raw video and...
  20. C

    Canon 80d Shoot in all FHD 30fps ALL-I mov or FHD 60fps mp4?

    Hey I got the new Canon 80d today and was wondering which full HD format would be best. Shoot in 1080 at ALL-I 30fps or in 1080 60fps compressed mp4. I will be indoors filming relatively stationary and plan on editing in a screencapture. What do you guys think?
  21. mycatismyfriend

    I need some help with my DSLR camera!

    Hi! I am having some trouble with my camera. I use a CANON 1100D, and just the standard lens it comes with. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the settings to get more of a blurry background/sharper video picture! I don't know what buttons to press to change the ios etc. My...
  22. LifeAsJenny

    Need Camera Advice

    I'm currently using a Canon T3i. I'm looking to upgrade to a mid range DSLR. I was thinking of the Canon 80D but i'm not sure if that's the best camera. I currently use my camera to film vlogs. I would love more advance features with my camera. Looking for camera recommendations and lenses to...
  23. K

    Let me know how I can improve this short video

    please give feedback <3
  24. ItsJustJames

    Do you own a DSLR?

    Hello all, I'd be very interested to hear your DSLR experiences, tips, tricks and secrets you've picked up along the way. DSLR's are a huge market for Youtube and getting the most out of them can be a tricky process. Perhaps we can share burning questions about these cameras and learn together...
  25. K

    How to get the most out of my 700D

    Hey guys! I have a Canon 700D and I love it. Everything seems to be going well, but im an absolute n00b when it comes to technology :giggle: If anyone has any tips to make my videos the best they can be, please let me know!!! Thank you :bounce:
  26. Chris and Nima

    What kind of camera do you use?

    I'm curious what everyone uses for a camera to record. I have a Sony a5000 mirrorless camera. Seems like the canon 7gx is a popular choice these days let me know.
  27. S

    What camera do you use?

    I use a sony a5000 but I am thinking about upgrading to a Canon t5i. What camera do you use?
  28. Paleus

    Looking For a Wireless Microphone Recommendation - Canon T5i Rebel DSLR

    We're looking for a recommendation on which wireless microphone to use with our Canon T5i Rebel. What are you shooting? We're looking to do a video course on the economic analysis of bitcoin. For this, I would need the wireless freedom to move around a whiteboard. It is aiming to be high...
  29. WeKanGame

    Do you have a Camera RIG?

    Hello All, Here is my Camera Rig: I was just wondering does anyone else have one? If so what do you have on yours? Mine is a Canon DSLR EOS REBEL SL1 85mm T.5 Cinelens and a Viewfinder with a Rode Video Mic I am looking to getting rails and a cage setup soon! Do you have a camera rig? What...
  30. Adam.W

    Shooting videos in RAW

    Hello. Over the past month I spent a lot of time on YT looking at film making videos so I can learn and then know what I'm doing when I start making videos myself. The video that always catches my attention is when people make comparisons of footage shot on normal settings and in RAW. Some...