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Hey all!

I am new to these forums but excited to read all the tips and knowledge available from you experts. I am newer to filming to put on YouTube, but have done some basic filming of my hobbies for the past 2 years or so. I have used my smartphone and a few different GoPros. Getting to the point: I want to up my camera game.

I want to continue filming (fishing, vlogging, other outdoor things) but want to be a little more professional (or just better quality and actually edit videos). I have been looking at some cameras for this and just can't settle on a good choice. Everytime I think I have decided I change my mind! I have really been looking at the Sony a5k-6k series and Canons. I like the size of the mirrorless cameras with the flip out screens for vlogging, but the overheating issue really has me worried. Although I may not be recording for 10+ minutes that often so may be minor. I can also get a good deal on a used Canon 60d bundle coming with a 50mm lens. I know this is bigger and a DSLR but I could possibly work with the extra bulk for less overheating and if the extra benefits are there. I have owned a Nikon D3100 previously but sold it to buy this next camera as it was not good for video.

What do you all think? Is the overheating issue that bad? Is the autofocus worth it compared to the Canon d60? Are there other good options I should look at? I'm around the $500-700 range.

I have a Sony A6000 and A6300 and have encountered that both overheated unfortunately. It doesn't happen often, last week it happened after I was recording for around 1 hour in a stretch. If I record in 4K on the A6300 it will happen faster though. I like the camera's though as I also use the A6300 for photography. I haven't found the perfect camera yet, not sure if it exists. Something I also wish for the Sony camera's is bigger batteries, it runs out of power too fast in my opinion.
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I use the Canon G5X and I love it, the quality is amazing and the screen turns round so it's good for vlogging.

Also the G7X Mark II is also good, maybe better than the G5X
I used the Canon 60D for about 4 years, finally upgraded this year to something else, it was a great camera, still use it for photograpy, having the swivel out flip around screen is helpful if you are doing stuff with you on camera. I definitely like having a camera with auto focus now. But if you did go the route of a 60D you would probably find yourself wanting to get a more wide lens, I couldn't imagine being on a boat trying to film myself vlog with a 50mm lens on a crop sensor camera.
G7X Markii All the way...its a sick camera! Perfect for vlogging and professional looking high quality videos