Cheap way to record in RAW


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I had this idea for a while. There's a cheap way to film videos in raw format, it should cost you around 400$-$500 if you really wanted to do this. You see there's this company called Magic Lantern that makes software for Canon cameras. With their software, it allows you to record raw video and it gives you features like focus peaking and setting you are white balance more accurately.
What you could do is get a Canon 50d(about 300$ on amazon), then load that camera with the magic lantern software, and boom! You have a camera that records raw video
I use magic lantern on my 60D and it's pretty good. I generally don't use it for raw (but maybe I should), but I love the focus peaking and crop mark overlays! I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to gain raw and more from their Canon camera.