1. codlags

    Gaming Collab | Recording Squad | Funny

    Looking for a group of people to record with (Gaming Videos + Funny Moments) ---> No squeakers ---->Someone who is funny ---->Knows how to have fun Check out my YouTube to get an idea of my recording style Would like to find a group like ImSuda's or Vanoss's group of friends.
  2. M

    Recording youtube video

    Hi there! Im creating a prankvideo and have some shots with kids in it - approx 16 year old. Can I includes them and thier reactions? If so, must i blurr out thier faces or eyes? Furthermore if I have accept from adults to put it on Youtube, its okay right? Or does it differ from country to...
  3. L

    How does he get this sound on Youtube?

    This is one of the best quality acoustic videos I have seen on youtube from Eddie Van Der Meer. Yes, I realize this is a studio track and not live, but what I am curious about is how this tone, sustain and unaltered, smooth reverb can sneak through Youtube's crazy ridiculous compression of...
  4. R

    Gaming looking for some people to play some minecraft with, possibly record! (Us/CA) preferred

    My wife and I have been recording and streaming a lot of Minecraft lately! We're looking for some people to play with and possibly colab with. Check us out on YT, Husbandwifegamers. If you like what you see send me a message on Discord! RtmDustin#5587
  5. ForbidenProdigy

    Can't play multiplayer and record?

    So i'm still learning about pcs and something that keeps happening to me is that when I try and use my OBS to record multiplayer games like Overwatch or RSS it'll record the main menu but once I join a game the audio still records but the video freezes. My computer is almost 5 years old so I...
  6. Stata Training School

    Screen recording

    What software is everyone using for screen recording?
  7. Berkeli

    Issues With OBS and choppy recordings.

    Hello all, I'm kinda new here and already finding some great tips for a beginner. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with recording issues I've been having. My laptop specs: Aorus X7 v2 (i7-6820hk, gtx 1070, 20gb RAM, 512 GB m.2 ssd) Now I love OBS and used to record...
  8. DangerNuggett

    Pre-recording warmup or ritual?

    Hey yttalk, I'm a new content creator and I was wondering if anyone has a pre-recording checklist, warmup, exercise etc that they do to get in the mood and mindset to record. For example, back when I used to take acting in highschool, we used to do a warmup exercise that involved making up a...
  9. Strobelite Gaming

    D&D Recording layout

    so, Me and my friends want to stream/record our dungeons and dragons. was wondering. if anyone here knows what kind of camera layout would be good. There are 4 of us.
  10. A

    Everything Game Recording Help

    Hey guys so I plan on starting my own YouTube channel for gaming HOWEVER I’m quickly finding out how hard this is for someone who doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. I downloaded OBS to screen record and get hit film 4 so I could edit and such but I mean I honestly don’t know what to do. I...
  11. Strobelite Gaming

    Recording / Editing Workflow

    Hey all. I'm a gaming channel and would like some advice and to see other YouTubers workflow. So being a gaming channel, my "workflow" consists of recording gameplay then editing it whenever I need it. I personally have a love-hate relationship with this method as I can get long sessions ready...
  12. R A Jones

    Lighting and cameras

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right forum to be post in. Had a long break from uploading but before I get back into it, I want to add more equipment to my arsenal. I'm a guitarist so most of my content will be recorded indoors, does anyone have any advice or can point me in the right...
  13. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For Singers And Or Rappers For a Collaboration Album

    Hello i am a rapper by the name of King Martinez.. i am taking music very seriously and i am on the grind trying to create something great, i am searching for singers and rappers with the same ethic and desire to create. you dont need to be the greatest artist to join, all you need is a mic a pc...
  14. Jammy951

    Gaming PC gaming group

    I am Jammy951, I am looking for more people to join a collaboration group that is already established. Games we play are a mixture; Ark Conan Rocket League Minecraft and so on.... We have a group of 70+ members and are looking for more active members so be able to hold our own comps ect. All...
  15. tadpole_gaming

    Gaming looking for people to stream/record

    hey guys, im looking for people to stream with (and record too). i want to record some different content and start doing constant streams a few of the games i have: evolve stage 2 depth disc jam duck game siege rocket league uno warface trappers delight have more games and willing to...
  16. O

    Music Any beginner musicians in the New England area looking for filmmakers?

    Hello, Aside from my comedy I have a production film company. I have filmed concerts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. I am looking to expand my portfolio on my website. Any musicians from the states I mentioned who are looking for filmmakers? If so hit me up and we will talk details...
  17. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to record games with! (Fornite Minecraft)

    Hello there! My name is Martin if you want to find out more about me here! I am 17 I go to collage, and own a minecraft server but that was probably not needed :3. I'm looking for a person which I could record games like Fornite Minecraft DarkSouls and etc. I need someone funny and full of...
  18. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking to form a Xbox/PC gaming group.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have started uploading which I hope will becoming a regular occurrence. What I’m looking for is some people who are up for...
  19. G

    Whats the best audio visual recording setup I can get under $500?

    So Im looking to get setup with a camera and mic and thought this would be a good place to start. Firstly I'm not sure if I need a separate mic and audio recorder or if I just get a camera with a decent mic? Secondly what are my options product wise? I'll be putting it all together on an...
  20. freppy

    Outdoor recording - what accessories are good?

    I record most of my videos outdoors since I don't really have any good indoor spaces I can record in... I have been using basics so far - my camera (Canon 650D), with a mic (Rhode Videomic Go), and a flexible tripod (Gorillapod). I am looking at improving my setup to try to get better quality...
  21. I

    Gaming Gaming group wanted ps4 colabs

    I have seen that people want to colab with others and I thought it would be cool to start a little recording /colab group were we play games with others and record and have a good time( kinda like vanoss and the banana bus squad) and just so anyone who wants in can get in there are no...
  22. tokoo

    Bit-rate question

    I been playing around lately with setting for recording and uploading videos. Currently I am using 50mbs to record with, and about 20mb's to upload to YouTube. I upload in 1920x1080 resolution 60fps. I read on YouTube the recommend for uploading is 12mb's but that seems like it wouldn't be big...
  23. A

    My mic picks up button smashing while gaming. Make it stop!

    Hey everyone, If anyone has any tips on how to keep my mic from picking up the button smashing sounds please let me know! I'm recording with a snowball but the audio and video recording gets automatically paired through my elgato. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. Let me know if you...
  24. B

    My Canon EOS 70D or GoPro

    I want to start making videos of my son (because he's so charming and handsome) like The Engineering Family, ToyLabTV an ryan toysreview all of whom he just adores. Would my current Canon EOS 70D with a Rode mic be too cumbersome? I have wanted to get a GoPro for his birthday parties and other...
  25. Shehzad

    One Of The Best Audio Recording Setups (Short Version)

    Short rapid fire version of the original video. How an entry level audio setup looks like and how it is setup. If your into podcasting or want to improve your audio recording quality. This is a step in the right direction.
  26. J

    I got a problem....

    I'm in the middle of making a new series about flash games but I've got a problem: should I record the game first and add my voice in editing or record the game and my voice at the same time? Which solution is better?
  27. Angel Stage

    What would be the best way?

    Ok so I have an idea for some videos for my husband and I to do. I want to record things he says while watching movies so I would have to record on average about 2 hours and then edit it later for the main bits. I plan on having the camera focused on him for one part to see his reaction as he's...
  28. WavyNimbus

    Gaming PC Gaming-Twitch/YouTube streaming Collaboration

    Since I haven't been active on my past channel over the years I've decided to start fresh on YouTube.My last channel was SoLowAce. To this day i get random subscribers but i was 15 at the time when i made the channel(20 now). The channel got 55,248 views with 100 videos a lot of the videos...
  29. VigilantRager

    OBS issues

    Now I dont have issues with obs, I like it and only have to complain about it making two audio tracks but putting them in the same file, but why why why when I hit stop recording does it just get stuck on that and never save? Follow up question, can I make the tracks save into two separate files?
  30. VigilantRager

    Audio and recording

    How after recording multiple audio tracks with OBS can you split them up? In VLC I can clearly listen to both tracks but when I drag that file into Hitfilm it only has my voice. does anyone know anything about this? I am just figuring all of this recording jazz out so any tips would help really