How does he get this sound on Youtube?


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Apr 7, 2020
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This is one of the best quality acoustic videos I have seen on youtube from Eddie Van Der Meer.

Yes, I realize this is a studio track and not live, but what I am curious about is how this tone, sustain and unaltered, smooth reverb can sneak through Youtube's crazy ridiculous compression of WAV files when you upload any kind of guitar video. Youtube stifles larger audio files with it's compression, and although I understand the need to conserve server space, I still think that it robs too much of the natural acoustic quality no matter how good the player is.

I am just wondering if it is a matter of uploading the maximum size audio file so that less is lost in the upload process, or if it is a specific TYPE of audio file that works better than a WAV file for uploading purposes...what is that mysterious golden factor that I am missing here exactly?


While I am asking, is there a more audio-friendly video channel that compresses audio files less than the all-purpose go-to juggernaut that is Youtube? Any input will help.

Any and all help on this is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your replies.


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Mar 13, 2015
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I'm guessing this is mostly because of the Mastering of the file. Mastering is like the Photoshop of audio, and the mastering engineer tries to make the audio levels as loud and even across the whole file as possible. I'd guess that would be why the reverb can be heard more clearly when it would normally disappear into the background a little more.

I think YouTube compresses everything to mp3 (?? not sure...), but a lot of really good sound engineers try to master their WAV files with that in mind so it would sound good in either format.

Mastering is really hard, imo. I wish I knew how to do it better. I'm pretty terrible at it lol.
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