1. Luke Coburn

    Short Film Camera guy/girl

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to film me performing some 'mind reading' on members of the public. I've got no budget, so maybe some one studying film/media who's looking for experience. I live in north west England, I was thinking of filming in Manchester or Liverpool. Thanks, Luke
  2. Purely Peña

    What recording equipment to use for outdoor interviews?

    So I have been doing a political series on my channel, and I am at the point I want to take my channel outdoors, for interviews with everyday people. Basically, I want to stop people on the street, tell them what I am trying to do, if they agree, then I have them sign a waiver, then I want to...
  3. NickAguilla

    iPhone 6s as recording device

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a trick with you guys about recording with you iPhone. I'm using an iPhone 6s to record drums and I've achieved pretty decent results ! This post is mainly aimed at drummers ! So what I do with the iPhone is, I put a cloth on the bottom of the rim of the back...
  4. sir.penguin

    Cheap way to record in RAW

    I had this idea for a while. There's a cheap way to film videos in raw format, it should cost you around 400$-$500 if you really wanted to do this. You see there's this company called Magic Lantern that makes software for Canon cameras. With their software, it allows you to record raw video and...
  5. P

    Recording everything...

    I am a youtuber gamer and when I record, in order to be able to edit my vocals separately and sync every audio track and video track I have to record from three different places. I record my vocals, vocals and gameplay, and gameplay separately in order to be able to have a different track for...
  6. kevsup

    More professional video using simple equipment?

    I like making easy-going videos, but they naturally tend to have a non-professional feel to them. I don't intend to by an expensive recording device and such- using simple equipment, what should I do to make videos look more professional? Is it in the editing, or camera angles?
  7. Caroll

    Microphone & Recording Software Questions

    HEY GUYS! Microphone Question: I wanna do some laid back gaming videos, and I was looking for a cheap mic because I'm on an extreme budget. I was wondering if the mic that I'm considering would be at least half decent for some silly fun gaming videos. It's a: Insten 3.5mm Studio Professional...
  8. That BioMechanical Dude

    Leveling the volume in audio commentaries

    As a reviewer, one of the key parts in my videos is the audio commentary. It has to be clean and consistent, in order to be easily understandable. However I've been having a problem with the volume levels. They are inconsistent. A sentence can have some words or syllables with a very high volume...
  9. Mattaxol

    Power went out while recording?

    Help! I was recording then the power went out. My PC instantly powered off and I lost like 2 hours of recording :( What do I do?
  10. K

    How to get the most out of my 700D

    Hey guys! I have a Canon 700D and I love it. Everything seems to be going well, but im an absolute n00b when it comes to technology :giggle: If anyone has any tips to make my videos the best they can be, please let me know!!! Thank you :bounce:
  11. FlubADubh

    How do I get better at commentating while recording!!??

    My channel is newish and i have trouble trying to commentate like Captainsparklez or Ashdubh I know I'm only just beginning but i need some tips on how to be a better commentator. Thank you for the help.
  12. DZaw

    Need some OBS help

    I was playing Halo 5 with a friend and was recording it through obs so I can sync the conversation during the game. Everything was good or so I thought until I went back and looked at the recorded footage. The voices were synced, the menu screen looked HD, but once I got to the game play footage...
  13. W


    Any tips and tricks for editing and recording gaming videos? My editing software is Imovie.
  14. darkstarmedia

    Lighting Recommendations?

    Hey, guys! I'd really love your assistance here. My main issue with recording videos is sound and lighting - now, I'm learning how to use my microphone, but I am currently without any artificial lighting. My budget is looking at £50 ($70ish) or so for the time being, so I understand that it...
  15. iPwnR

    New monitor to fix video blur? 1080p

    Hello everyone, I'm very sorry if this has been posted about before, but after 15 minutes of searching I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for. This may be a long post but I want all the details here so nobody needs to ask for any other information. I've spent the past year (A...
  16. B

    Looking for a better Capture Card for PS4 videos

    I'm tired of the 15 minute limit that the internal capture card a PS4 can do. I want to be able to record much longer and have more than enough time to do all of my necessary editing. But I also need it compatible with my PS4 (and SHAREfactory). It also needs to be compatible with my setup (I...
  17. StealthyTurtle

    Which Do You All Prefer?

    Hello amazing people of yttalk, So this is a question that I get asked a lot in my live-streams and videos and wanted to see what the gaming community of Youtube preferred; Live-streaming or uploading videos? I personally prefer live-streaming due to the fact that the interaction with the...
  18. Jawad Soomro

    Getting a PHONE call while Recording?

    OK I was recording my gaming video that suddenly I got the call from my sister. My whole recording was damaged. So I had to rerecord my video. Has this ever happened to you?
  19. Gamespeed Gaming

    Youtube Recording

    Hey i just want to know what makes you recordings better and what parts of my computer i should upgrade to improve my gaming and recording experience. any suggestions on what makes you play games at higher fps while recording it. -Thanks
  20. Stephen McMillan

    Looking for some recommendations for a setup

    So i have been using the PS4 built in capture card to record my game play and using twitch to record the party chat. I have noticed my videos have a slight ... potato quality compared to others and I want to remedy that by upgrading. Record with the PS4 and edit on my laptop using cyberlink 13 I...
  21. Sirmsudge125

    Draw my life planning help?!

    hey guys, I'm fairly new here so I apologise if this is been brought up before! I would love to make a draw my life video but I don't entirely know how to plan and logistically record the drawing and recording the sound, or do them separate like a narration over a video. My videos are all video...
  22. Rauno

    Android Screen Recorder

    Hello there, I would like to introduce you a video recording method that is quite new and some of you may not have heard of. Hardware and software requrements: Android device that has software version higher than 5.0 (about 30% of all Android devices and it is growing). What you can do ...
  23. LeprechaunPranks

    Good Software to Make Phone Calls With

    Hi, guys! I run a prank call channel and I want the quality of my pranks to improve. I want to do so by using a better software (or even hardware) to call people using a computer. I am currently using Google Hangouts, which isn't the best program. I may be upgrading to Skype in the next week or...
  24. OfficialJCEtv

    Anyone Know How To Use Elgato HD60 Pro Without HDMI TV/Moniter?

    Wanting to order an Elgato HD60 Pro tomorrow, however my moniter does not support HDMI. I currently use a dual moniter setup using 2, 2+ year old TV and Moniter. The Moniter I use for my PC does not support HDMI and is setup using VGA cable. The PC itself however does have a HDMI port built-in...
  25. LaseRain

    Opinion about my Recording Style

    Hello. I'd like to ask your for an opinion of my recording style. Like what should i change in it? What am i doing wrong? Because i edit videos a lot, ppl are saying that my content is good, but i'm not feeling it. I don't know what should i change in my style. I don't know if it's boring, or...
  26. A

    Question About recording

    i have a gaming channel that i do with my older brother and we sometimes both have problems when we do video together specifically audio issues. we do not live in the same city so we need to rely on chat services like google hangout and Skype to record our videos. Skype is out of the question...
  27. Michael

    Pop Filter Alternative For Plosives?

    Does anyone know of anything you can use instead of a pop filter and their alternatives? Preferable something easy and small perhaps? Any ideas? Thank you.