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Hello everyone, I'm very sorry if this has been posted about before, but after 15 minutes of searching I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for. This may be a long post but I want all the details here so nobody needs to ask for any other information.

I've spent the past year (A FREAKIN' YEAR) and about 60 hours talking to other YouTubers about my video ailments with no solutions. As I understand it, YouTube has a certain "cap" for bitrate depending on what quality it is. For example, 5mbps for 720p and 10mbps for 1080p. I am almost positive my issue lies in YouTube downgrading my bitrate.

With that in mind, I record on a BenQ 1080p monitor and have 2 gtx 970 graphics cards and an intel i7 4970k (or something similar). Having newer nvidia cards, I record using ShadowPlay since it suits my needs quite well and makes no noticeable difference to my performance when recording. My ShadowPlay records at 1920x1080 @ 60fps and 50mbps. In-game and desktop resolutions are all 1920x1080 to match the 1080p monitor. I exclusively play FPS games and as you know, there is a LOT of fast movement involved.

When I save a recording to my pc and view it, the quality is perfect. I cannot tell the difference between playing in-game and the recording. Wonderful. However when I upload to YouTube, a 1080p video will look great up until the point where there is fast movement. It blurs, pixelates, and overall looks like $h!t. When I move slowly or look at the scoreboard, the lack of movement makes it once again look fine.

greater movement = greater distortion

I also use Sony Vegas Pro 10 to edit videos which need more attention than the YouTube Video Editor can provide. The result when I render the video is another perfect copy of the original ShadowPlay recordings except now combined into a beautiful montage. When uploaded to YouTube, the beautiful montage turns into a fast paced video of me shooting at slightly more blob-like humans. Whether I upload directly from what ShadowPlay saved on pc, or upload a rendered video from Sony Vegas Pro 10, they look the same with the same amount of distortion. Trust me, I've tested it. Many times.

I can only attribute this to the downgraded bitrate. I'm not sure if this is the actual number, but I think 10mbps is the cap for 1080p video. One day I had the great idea to record in 2160p using ShadowPlay and upload THAT to YouTube. Finally, problem solved! No!! It looks the same as the 1080p version of the same clip. YouTube let me view my recording in 2160p, and took longer to load as if it really was 2160p. The 2160p and 1080p recordings saved from ShadowPlay on my pc were also different. The 2160p clip was nearly twice the file size. I accepted my fate of slightly distorted videos until I watched my videos on a Windows Surface tablet and my smartphone. PERFECT VIDEO QUALITY AT 1080p! Neither device would give me the option of viewing the 2160p test clip in 2160p, only 1080p, but oh well. Perfect f'ing quality at last.

When viewing my published videos in 1080p on my BenQ monitor, they look pretty good in the small "windowed" mode but look horrid when expanded in fullscreen. I also noticed my buddy with a 1440p monitor who uploads in 1080p as well, has considerably less distortion than me, even using the same recording properties (I'm viewing his videos on my 1080p monitor, not on his 1440p).

So does all of this mean that the answer to my problems is to buy a 2k or 4k monitor for recording? If this is true, I will probably smash my head into the nearest wall.

~Any and all advise is appreciated, and a solution may cause feelings of affection.~