Anyone Know How To Use Elgato HD60 Pro Without HDMI TV/Moniter?

Wanting to order an Elgato HD60 Pro tomorrow, however my moniter does not support HDMI. I currently use a dual moniter setup using 2, 2+ year old TV and Moniter.

The Moniter I use for my PC does not support HDMI and is setup using VGA cable. The PC itself however does have a HDMI port built-in.

Does anyone know if I bought a HDMI to VGA to go from the Elgato to my Moniter, would the quality of any recorded footage using the device drop?

Cheers :) .
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Buy something like a DVI cable
Thanks for the tip but I can't see that helping? I'd get my HDMI to go from the Built-In HDMI from my PC into the HD60 Pro and then I'd need a seperate HDMI to go from the Elgato to Moniter but in my case I can't do that without a HDMI to VGA