Recording / Editing Workflow

Hey all. I'm a gaming channel and would like some advice and to see other YouTubers workflow.

So being a gaming channel, my "workflow" consists of recording gameplay then editing it whenever I need it. I personally have a love-hate relationship with this method as I can get long sessions ready, but it puts me in a mindset where im like, 'i dont have to edit this till i need it' I upload 3 times a week. monday, wednesday and firday. this means i end up leaving the editing till last minute and rushing it out.

yesterday i recorded content from the new overwatch event. i recorded it at about
10pm till 1am then editied today. i found this process easy to handle, however this would make recording a series (such as my stardew valley series) really akward to record.

how do you lot handle your recording and editing workflow.
I don't have a schedule of any kind for Youtube. I just kinda work when I wanna work.
Editing takes up the most time though, as my videos contain very heavy editing