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Mar 21, 2018
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I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have started uploading which I hope will becoming a regular occurrence.
What I’m looking for is some people who are up for recording consistently as a group or as duos and will take it seriously but also have a laugh. I’m happy to oversee the organisation of this group if that is a worry for anyone.
The group is coming along nicely but there are still a few spaces free. We also have other Youtubers looking to collab with the group instead of as part of it, if that is something you may prefer.
Xbox collab would be ideal for myself as I don’t have a good PC but I am looking to place some games on PC, if I can, like Card Against Humanity or some golf games but I haven’t yet tested if my PC can handle that. Others in the group can.
We have quite a broad age range. Preferable, we’re looking for people 17-23 but, depending on the person, this could easily be expanded.
YouTube is something that I personally want to one day make a career out off so anyone who is maybe looking for something similar, please let me know because, as I’ve said, that is what I’m after.

A few notes:
  • I only play Xbox but can try PC.
  • I’m 21.
  • I’m from the UK but it doesn’t matter to me if you aren’t so still feel free to message me.
  • Recording times can vary.
  • I don’t have many subs because of gaps in uploading which I hope to rectify.
  • Sub count doesn’t matter.
  • I would also be down just to collab.

If you are interested, please email me at or message me on Xbox. My gamertag is KattyMeel.

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