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  1. C

    Gaming Looking for a collab to play apex with

    Hello, I'm a small creator on YouTube like lots here and I'm looking to see if anyone wants to do a collab playing apex probably. I play it on PS4 and might not be the best of players but please hear me out. Reach out to me if you are interested and either message my discord account...
  2. Carlos The Banana

    Gaming Looking for Collaboration (Minecraft, COD, Gmod, and other Steam Games)

    My Youtube channel is Carlos The Banana, I have had my channel for a while and I am trying to get back into Youtube and find some people to play with. I have 34 subscribers and counting, and get a good amount of views on each video. I play mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty, but I'm open to...
  3. Ali Jaghama

    Gaming Xbox One Collab

    My channel is Ali Jaghama I have 50 subscribers and quality content really passionate about this and want to grow with other youtubers I play Fortnite for now but might expand to other games like BO4 and others, message me on twitter @ali_jaghama and we start collabing.
  4. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking to form a Xbox/PC gaming group.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have started uploading which I hope will becoming a regular occurrence. What I’m looking for is some people who are up for...
  5. Ben young

    Gaming Fortnite collaboration Xbox one

    We are a small YouTube channel looking to grow message matt14young or burnsykiller7 on Xbox if you are interested in doing a collaboration.
  6. TavenGaming

    Gaming Looking to Collaborate Funny Rage Videos (Xbox) Pc being fixed

    I am looking to make some videos with some people on xbox and pc. You can either add me and message me. My GT is Taven518 or fill the form below and I will contact you. I am18 so I am looking for at least 16+ with great quality videos. GT: Age: YouTube Channel: Games have:
  7. iMovieKing

    Gaming Looking For Rainbow Six Siege Collab

    Hey guys I'm Matt, 18 years old and a college freshman. Im looking for someone or multiple people that want to collaborate on Siege. I make some edits but I also do gameplay. I currently have 89 subs and If you're interested you can message me: XBL: @Revel360 Twitter: @themhtofficial DM on...
  8. DZaw

    Gaming Looking for people to game with

    Hey fellow Gamers I'm looking for people to game with once I'm back from my trip through Europe (November 10). I know I haven't posted on YouTube in a while and I'm not available to game tomorrow but up until I start recording I'm going to be thinking and preparing series ideas and what not...
  9. T


    Hey guys, I have a gaming channel and I play NBA2K18!!! If you want to collab let me know!! I have an 85 overall for myplayer, sharpshooter and i play on xbox. I post things like 3-point contests, gameplays, going to be doing pack openings and mypark. Let me know who wants to collab!
  10. D

    Gaming Xbox One and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  11. A

    Gaming Collab On Xbox One

    Hello everyone im adam im 15 years old and live in the uk i have a YouTube channel called vintz which has 48 subs and has 50 views average per video i would love to do videos with people who are funny and can produce good videos and any sub count. What I record with: Hdpvr 2 game capture card...
  12. D

    Gaming Xbox one and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  13. SiR BANKSalot

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record with on Xbox one

    Nearly 2K subs, need friends to play with that make videos, mainly play COD, Rocket League, GTA, Red Dead Redemption (will play almost any game especially with friends)
  14. N


    Hey guys im looking to collab with Youtubers on Xbox One or PC, but preferably Xbox. My games (Xbox One): Infinite Warfare/MWR Mortal Kombat XL Friday the 13th Castle Crashers Remastered Roblox You must have 500+ subs, And good humor lol, thanks!
  15. M

    Gaming Looking for small youtubers to collaborate with on Xbox 1.

    I'm a small channel almost at 100 subs and I'm looking for a collaboration partner to play games like 7 days to die, NBA 2k17, and many other games!! my gamer tag is maniacmax04.
  16. VenomousCarnage

    Gaming I am looking to collab games on Xbox One/360

    I am currently looking for some YouTubers to collab with me playing games on Xbox one or 360. I live in the UK so around the same time zone would be best. 15-21 Ages please If you are interested send me a message on my GT on reply to the thread GT- CreditedFire914
  17. Tactic Zar

    Gaming Looking to Collab (Any Age) (PC) (Xbox One)

    Hello, My name is Tactic Zar, If you have seen my channel I am up for doing any type of gaming video,I am looking to Collab with anyone. I play Counter Strike, Rainbow six, COD, and I am always down to check out any other games, Lastly I have an Xbox one and I have COD, GTA, and more.
  18. ByteSizedGaming

    Gaming Join now to be apart of a Gaming Community!!

    We are looking for some very dedicated gamer's of all systems to join our community and upload to our channel! Joining will not only help out your personal channel, it will also help you meet new people, and hopefully new friends as well. If you are interested in applying, please do not be...
  19. Nebhead


    Hey everyone! I've compiled the best and funniest moments I've had in Overwatch from the past 11 months into one video, check it out and I hope you enjoy it!
  20. Domo

    Gaming Looking for a crew

    How's it going man? Good alright now let me cut to the chase lol. I'm looking for people to make a group. A crew you could say. It's not going to be that Faze clan s**t No. it's going to be a content creation crew, where we record together and grow together. I like your editing style and your...
  21. Rolz

    I swear this guy is so sensitive XD

    What's good guys! ItsHowWeRolz here! Latest video just released, it's on Xenoverse 2 and yeahh....someone (Trunks) is getting triggered LOL:angel: Any constructive criticism is welcome! I hope you enjoy it and if you do, help me reach my sub goal of 100 subscribers! :help: Sorry about my...
  22. SmokeySpace

    Gaming PC/Xbox One Collab 50+ Views a Video!

    I'm looking for people to collab on PC or Xbox One that has 50+ views a video, and maybe around 150+ subs but it doesn't really matter. Games: PC: (My Steam is SmokeySpace) CS GO H1Z1(both) Miscreated World at War (Custom Zombies) Just Cause 2 and 3 (Multiplayer) Rust I may be forgetting one...
  23. Rolz

    Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA Gameplay + First Impressions! PC ULTRA Settings - GTX 1080

    Hey guys, so a couple of days ago I looked at the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta, it did seem impressive however there are a number of issues that need to be addressed! I still say this is a great game and has the potential to be even greater, it just needs some tuning here and there from the dev's...
  24. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Xbox One or PC Collab!

    Just looking for people to do a PC or Xbox one collab with, must have around 100 subs and get a decent amount of views. Message me on Skype at Smokey Space if you are interested!
  25. Rolz

    Battle for Namek | Dragon ball Xenoverse 2

    Hi guys, In the latest video of my dragon ball XV2 playlist I take on the mighty Frieza, I hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome :) If you do enjoy it then subscribe for more! Help me reach 100 subs :help: Let me know where you like to spend your attribute points!
  26. vloggerjoe

    Gaming Looking to Play Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 with a group 2 on xbox 1

    Age;14 Channel main topic; Gaming and Vlogs Amount of Subscribers; 1.300+ Other ways to contact me; Skype / email / twitter Link to Channel; VloggerJoe
  27. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming Group PC/Xbox One

    Hey guys it's Creeforple here (Cree-for-pull) I am recruiting for a gaming group that i am in, We have been looking for new people for awhile but have been stumped for awhile, This will be a gaming group so we want people who will be active, A few of the guys including the originator of the...
  28. ImLeek

    Gaming XB1 Youtuber Collabs

    Hey guys this thread is for xbox one players who are youtubers looking for collabs to help grow their channel. My gamertag is Ma1ique And if you would consider it go check out my channel, comment( i really need feedback) and subscribe if you like what you see My Channel name is ImLeek
  29. tedswrong


    I'm not that good but hey I have fun with it... So click to be entertained
  30. Titangamerzz

    Gaming looking for some more funny people to collab on xboxone with!

    hello there =) i am looking for more people to collab with, we already gathered a couple of hilarious lads from here but why stop there? so long as your 17 or older and have a good sense of humor then let me know if your interested send me a message on xbox: kingkongkilla40 skype...