1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Started On Twitter - Social Media For Beginners (6/9)

    How To Get Started On Twitter - Social Media For Beginners (6/9) // Twitter for Beginners as part of Social Media for Beginners 2018. Twitter is the young audiences social network. If Facebook is the dominant older brother, then twitter is his smarter younger sister. Twitter is a smaller Social...
  2. MultiDragon129

    SMW Hacks: Mario is Missing! Done Right #5 - Hitboxes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Mario is Missing! Done Right #5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- We back for The SUPER MARIO WORLD Hacks YO! it's time for episode 5 and in this episode we go through the underwater...
  3. LegallyBlack

    Comedy Christmas collaboration in December! (serious people needed)

    Hey everyone were looking for a couple serious people to help us with this collaboration! --- I am trying to focus on trending topics while my channel is still young and everyone knows December will be the time for Christmas videos! --- Basically what we want to do is have all our channels...
  4. Katy Villiers

    Beauty/Makeup Lets Collab, Foreal this time! (Im new to youtube..)

    Im looking to do my first video on youtube very soon and want to regularly start doing collabs. idk if i can do group messages on here, but iwill discuss to everyone when the times and dates will be and what topic we can do. Hopefully we can do group collabs! Itll be fun. Beauty, Outfits, Hacks...
  5. sir.penguin

    Cheap way to record in RAW

    I had this idea for a while. There's a cheap way to film videos in raw format, it should cost you around 400$-$500 if you really wanted to do this. You see there's this company called Magic Lantern that makes software for Canon cameras. With their software, it allows you to record raw video and...
  6. Shivani

    Beauty/Makeup YouTubers in NorCal!

    Hey everyone! My videos are primarily beauty and lifestyle related, however I'm really interested in expanding my channel. I'm more interested in working with people around 16-20 years old; I'd love to hear your ideas and work on a collab! If you guys are in NorCal and are interested in a...