Comedy Christmas collaboration in December! (serious people needed)


Oct 16, 2016
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Hey everyone were looking for a couple serious people to help us with this collaboration! ---

I am trying to focus on trending topics while my channel is still young and everyone knows December will be the time for Christmas videos! ---

Basically what we want to do is have all our channels make similar videos such as 'Christmas hacks' one day, a Christmas skit one day, and maybe DIY Christmas gifts or something another day.
We want to do about 3 videos per channel and we will all promote each others videos by linking each other in the description. The reason I am sharing my idea early is in case any of you wanted to prepare or just have time to think about your ideas. (This way we can all be prepared to upload our videos on the same day!)

This would be a fun way for us to connect to each other and make friendships while boosting our channels! Anyone who participates can be added to a group chat so we can all help each other out and give each other tips! hopefully do more fun collaborations too!

If you are interested in joining the collaboration please let me know here or through one of my videos! You can also email me at
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