1. Kimblebee

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with PS4, possibly PC games!

    I'm a super small YouTuber, I just started 5 days ago and am at 22 subscribers (like I said, SUPER small). But I'm just looking for someone to do some collab videos with and even just to play with. Some of my Ps4 games: Overwatch Fortnight Paragon Rocket league Battlefield 1 (haven't played...
  2. IAmTheBossLady

    Gaming Group Collaborations

    (Gaming Related)Hello everyone my buddy and I are looking for other people to play with for youtube to goof around. We are based on Ps4 and we also both have a youtube that are similar to each other. Mine is Boss Lady and his is Boss Blue if you want to join or just play with us (You don't have...
  3. A

    New here, greetings from Barcelona!

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm writing this post due that I'm new and I want to create a new YouTube Channel related with people/blogs. My idea is to create a story between 2 people (guy and girl) with a relationship in a distance. I would like to find some girl that could be interested to...
  4. QuestionMan

    Lacking A Female Audience: Is It Bad?

    This topic has been on my mind for a while now. Lately I have seen a trend of content creators (mainly male Youtubers) complaining about their lack of a female audience. There complaints would go along the lines of "why are only 5% of my viewers female" or something similar to that. I have also...
  5. M

    Girls and Pineapple Rum

    Hey guys, check out my latest short video! 2 1/2 minutes. Shows our small journey of making a pineapple cup.
  6. TheToastGamer

    Gaming Pc gaming looking for my fellow gamers

    what is up guys, I'm in here again.. posting another thread looking for some cool pc gamers to play with. But no seriously, if you play a lot of fps games, or 2D games or ANY games tbh, and you want to have a laugh, play silly games & record for YouTube then message me! Im 19 & from England...
  7. Emi Maxwell

    Vlog collab friends?

    hey im 15 with 73 subs right now and if theres other video blog type channels in michigan US the lower part, id like to collab or maybe talk about editing tips and such! if your over 18 i will be very cautious about collabing, and there has to be videos with your face in it! i want to be careful
  8. KaylaKayyy

    Other Storytime Collab.

    Hey guys! If any of you guys have a crazy roommate story lets collab! I have wanted to a story time collab but none of my friends have any like stories. Doesn't matter how many subs you've got lets just support one another and have fun. Also if we do a virtual collab then we don't need to...
  9. Iza Elle

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone from uk want to collab?

    hey guys ! I'm looking for someone who is interested in YouTube ! Just to chat and have a coffee and film together ! Drop me a message ! I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk UK !
  10. Angie Melon

    Am I ok without my brother?

    Hi guys! So I co-host a channel with my older brother, and last time I did a video without him it didn't do to well and some people here on yttalk said I didn't have enough energy... So since then I've made another video without him in it and I wanna know if it's half decent. Thanks :)

    Girl hits her head on a swing [edit by me]

    I found this little video a few days back and gave it a little twist. Hope you like it :D If you want more check out my "random poop" playlist ;) See ya :)
  12. D

    Using Youtube to Overcome Shyness

    Hey guys! As you can probably tell by the title, I can be a pretty shy person. I've had quite a few moments where I'd start up my channel, then quit immediately, all because the thought of having a large number of people watch me felt way too intense. However, I thought YouTube would be a good...
  13. Necronomibro


    I just need you to say "* POUNCES ON YOU AND NOTICES YOUR BULGE* OWO WHATS THIS?" sort of slowly and seductively as a meme in my newest video , id like to get it done before Halloween as it is for my Halloween special . This request sounds creepy but I will shout you out at the beginning of the...
  14. Nessa

    Other Starting a Collab Channel?

    Hi. I was wondering if someone would like to start a collab channel (You still keep your main channel). We would be posting daily videos (once a week per person) and having weekly themes. Age 14 - 17 or around that. And every week someone gets to chose the theme. Whether it’s from our group...
  15. P


    hey guys, I''m super new to the scene I have some videos up but wondered how I can make my channel more exciting?? Love always xx
  16. SquidSoup

    Other Any 15-25yr olds want to collab? :)

    I have a channel with 550ish subs, and I would love to reach out and collaborate with more people. :happy2: I post all sorts of videos and I am very creative. I can collab with locals and non-locals. I'm really chill, and easy to work with. :spin:My channel is called SquidSoup, if you want to...
  17. AncientEmma

    I'm Afraid- An Artsy Fartsy thing I did

    Please let me know what you think, I'd like to do more of this style but would love to get some feedback on it. I uploaded this for like 2 hours on Sunday and then took it down because I wanted to fix some things. Now it's up! Thanks for the support! :D
  18. terror569

    Female Streamer Blowing Some Mic [PARODY]

    Like really I'm not kidding bros.
  19. AncientEmma

    Just Reached My First 100 Subs!

    I just reached my first 100 subscribers last night! While I don't have an "ultimate" goal, this feels really incredible and I hope that it can keep going from here. Thanks to everyone on the forum for the support so far! :)
  20. D

    Hi there! I'm a writer...

  21. A


    Hey guys I m doing a Q&A video for my YouTube channel Azure Phoenix and I would love some more suggestions. Please give questions it'll really help me. Thank you so much I need these asap as I would like to record asap.
  22. A

    Q&A questions?

    Hey guys I m doing a Q&A video for my YouTube channel Azure Phoenix and I would love some suggestions. Please give questions it'll really help me. Thank you so much
  23. AncientEmma

    Shiba Inus and Let's Talk!

    I'm a vlogger trying to reach a balance balance between fun videos (like my Furry Friend Tag with my Shiba Inu, Joba,) and more "serious" videos about topics such as bullies and feminism. I want to be an inspiration for others while still being completely approachable. I also want to try some...
  24. Faytal

    Absolutely Brickin it! :)

    Hey... I Would love a review on my resident evil walk through video Thanks Fay :)
  25. Janelys

    Gaming Looking to Collab :)

    Hai! So basically I am looking to collab with people for Youtubes. :b Some games that I would like to play are Dead by Daylight, Cards Against Humanity, Gta 5, Black Ops 3, 60 Seconds, CS:GO, Google Feud and so much more! I am 17, turning 18 next month, so I would like to have people around my...
  26. Ronja Lykke

    Gaming Blonde newbie gamer girl looking to colab

    Hi, I have this idea to start a new series on my channel (and yours - if you're in) where I play games for the first time. That's not really original, I know, but I want to play on the fact that I am a complete gaming noob (never played anything but Sims and Pokemon my entire life) and the...
  27. piaiscool


    Hey friends! After weeks and weeks, I have finally made a video. I think I'm having an issue finding time commited to making videos but it's been a struggle since I have 2 jobs and school. Also, this video was supposed to be up 3 days ago, but due to my natural stupidity, of course I clicked...
  28. paigelknowles

    I just uploaded a really random video that I love.....

    And well I want you guys to tell me if it's as ridiculous as I feel it is or if it's actually quality content? I'm new to the reviewing area and I have been working on promoting my channel for awhile and I'm really not catching that much traction which is fine but I was just wondering if this...
  29. paigelknowles

    A ceramicist Throwing some mugs and cups. A Time-lapse

    I made this time-lapse of some throwing on the wheel Hope you enjoy!!
  30. paigelknowles

    So sometimes I just have to vlog vent to get over it...

    I didn't realize how ridiculous this video was until just now but hey it made me laugh so I'm sure it will make some others do the same. Make sure you watch all the way to the end because the end is by far the best part!