I've Got It
Hey friends! After weeks and weeks, I have finally made a video. I think I'm having an issue finding time commited to making videos but it's been a struggle since I have 2 jobs and school. Also, this video was supposed to be up 3 days ago, but due to my natural stupidity, of course I clicked something wrong and it deleted everything and I had to start over. Ha ha ha ha

Once again, this is very different from my makeup video and gaming video!
So i would loooove to hear what my fellow youtubers think!
Content is only 3 minutes!! Made short and simple for you. :D
Any feedback is welcome, positive or negative!

Thank you very much!

The video was funny, but the video quality in the intro and outro kinda threw me off.
Yeah, the intro and outro were originally filmed on my DSLR too, but I didn't like it cause I looked like trash in both of them and because the way I talked was very.....fake? I guess. Haha. Also, I was lazy to film on my DSLR again so I had to settle with my macbook photobooth. I'll try to be better with that, thank you for watching!

I just commented on your vid :) great job!
I saw girl! Thank you so much :D
It was entertaining! There was one shot on you as the waitress where you wiped to the waitress again that I thought was a bit of a hiccup. I think you should just drop the open and close and have the skit only. I almost clicked off because it looked like a mother pointless blather into the camera video. And the ending people might click off too which would cut down your watch percentage. But keep it tight and I see no reason to not watch to 100%!