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  1. Brain Bites

    I just posted my first Youtube video.

    Hello guys, I just posted my first Youtube video today and would love your feedback, the good the bad and the ugly. I know there is some problems with the subtitles and I need to get an outro in there as well but I would really appreciate your support and if you like the content you are...
  2. K

    Grow your YouTube channel to great success

    Hey do you want to make the most out of YouTube answers have a great life Living the life you deserve the youvcan check out a brand new technique that you can use to maximize YouTube revenue Click here and learn more
  3. NormalNexus

    New video help

    I have just made a new video and I want some public reviews on it, if you don’t mind checking it out and letting me know if I should make more or if it’s bad or something
  4. Bethanyjbee

    Meet my Guinea Pigs!

    A little video where I introduce my Guinea Pigs along with some footage of them playing around their home! Meet the Piggy's Video!
  5. L

    My first video

    Hey guys, I am completely new to YT talk so I am hopefully posting in the right category here. I started my YT gaming channel a couple days ago. I am streaming on Mixer and wanted to do highlight videos on YT for some more traffic. This morning I created a channel Intro video so people get a...
  6. Sketch30Films

    Mr. Forgetful Part 2 on my channel!!!

    I'm currently filming mr. forgetful part two on my youtube channel. If you haven't seen the first one it's quite okay And if you haven't Subscribed yet, click my button that will link you to my channel!!!
  7. iGamerYT

    So, I made my first video... how do I get it out there?

    Hello fellow Youtubers, I made my first video! It's an introduction video to my channel, but I wanted to know, what is the most effective way to promote a video? (Ex. which social media, how to promote, tops/advise on what to do and what not to do.) I downloaded TubeBuddy and VidIQ so the tags...
  8. M. B. Harkins

    Voice Acting Looking for Voice Actors!

    Hiya guys! Back again, looking for voice actors for a couple more projects. One in particular, I want to get to work on ASAP! Please have a good mic! I am looking for multiple different kinds of voices. Check my profile for a link to my site, where the projects are listed. You can also message...
  9. kevinboston7

    I witnessed a attempted murder

    In this video I tell you about the time my jackass of better tried to kill my stepfather my brother has always been a big ******* and I have never liked them and this video is one of the reasons why this is one of the craziest famous I have ever witnessed
  10. Matthew Lissoway

    Our surprise date ends in HORROR

    Hello and welcome to life the lazerway! Check this video out!!! :dance: I am so happy with how well this 1 turned out!:bounce: Thanks 4 your time! :wavespin:your gonna love it!
  11. ItsMeRay


  12. Arc Flash

    Uploading in HD issue.

    Hello, brand new to the forums, and was hoping I could get some help, as I can't find any real information on this: So I uploaded my first video the other day in 1080p at 60 fps. It shows up perfectly in that resolution on PC, but when I use the Youtube app on mobile, the max resolution it...
  13. Pierre Maynard

    My new Introduction to my Channel 2017!

    Hello everyone. I know it's been a long time since i have been on here, But i'm back and with an awesome video! Hello and welcome to my channel. You will find a lot of interesting things here, including the following: - Music - Cover Songs - Vlogs - Gaming Videos - Spanish Videos - Spectacular...
  14. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another MapleLegends video! Today's video is all about the good old Kerning City Party Quest. It's actually been ages since I did KPQ and it feels good doing it once again. We get to revisit the King Slime, one of the first bosses we get to...
  15. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome to another video. This is just a video of me playing some Silver Ranked Solo Q and commentating a bit. I'm playing Riven and I'm really not that good. I'm currently Silver I xd. If you enjoy the video, leave a like or subscribe. I would appreciate...
  16. Teenage Dreamers

    Getting the first video?

    How relieved were you to finally get that first video out for your channel? We finally got our first video up and now I just feel so motivated and ready to grind. Do you feel that way about certain series and big video ideas too?
  17. Rolz

    Fidget Spinners IO! I couldn't resist XD

    First Slither then Agar, and now its Fidget spinners or! With all the hype around these things I could not resist! Arrrgggh its so addictive :D If you watch my video it'll be over for you, you'll become proceed with caution! ;) I'm en route to 200 SUBS so don't feel shy...
  18. ProfessionalRik

    Meet Me! [A Re-Introduction]

    A long, long time ago; in a galaxy far awa-- No, just kidding. I made an introductory video a while back that started off with the phrase "Who I am is not important." Since I've changed my mind and think I AM important now, I decided to try again.
  19. Rolz

    Pushing our limits! - DB XV2 + Added facecam!

    Hey guys, ItsHowWeRolz back with another Xenoverse 2 episode! I've added a facecam to increase the "connection" between myself and my viewers:giggle: (let me know your thoughts) We get thrown into the deep end (again!). HIT is on another level and there's no Goku in sight? Thank you in...
  20. M

    Channel trailer thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the YouTube community.. I have posted about 5 videos so far and I thought it was about time I made a channel trailer for new viewers. Most I've seen are about a minute long but mine is almost 3, I'm thinking about making a new one, something shorter and more...
  21. Rolz

    Lootcrate - LOOTANIME opening :)

    What's good guys! Here's my latest video. It's a lootcrate/lootanime unboxing :D I had some shipping issues so this one is a bit later than expected...but anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it :D Thanks for watching and any constructive criticism is welcome + if you do enjoy the video please...
  22. Rolz

    Face Reveal for the subs!

    Hey guys here's a face reveal for my subscribers :D! facereveal video! Be gentle with the comments as I'm still learning :p Also new Anime video series starting on Wednesday and a Xenoverse 2 video on Saturday! (Double uploads!) ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button &...
  23. Rolz

    50 sub special - Face Reveal!

    Hey guys, just dropped my latest video! As promised to my subscribers this is my face reveal video. I'm still new to being in front of the camera so don't hate too much! ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button & help me reach my goal of 100 subs! Thanks for watching!
  24. Rolz

    M&H are back at it!

    Hi guys, check out my latest video with my 2 yorkies, Messi and Hulk - they make me smile and I hope they can make you do the same! Also I make an important announcement regarding the next video! :D
  25. Its_Errelevant

    New video is up! If you have a second, have a look!

    Just got up the 6th episode of my horizon series. I know that I'm a bit behind on the game compared to a lot of other youtubers, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? I you have a moment to check out the channel, please do, but more importantly, tell me what you think! Thanks in advance
  26. Rolz

    The Sniper King! (My PC setup exposed! :O) ft Lord Beerus

    What's good guys! Just released my latest Setups Exposed video! I go over my PC and the reasons behind my component choices. This is directed at first time builders/ anyone looking to potentially upgrade their system! Please come have a look (Lord Beerus approves I think :P) and if you like...
  27. Lewis Knight

    5 Annoying things teachers do!!

    i uploaded a new video of annoying things that teachers do, could you give it a watch and let me know what you thinks :) Thank you!! :D
  28. Lewis Knight

    QnA and showing my YouTuber crush? :)

    Hey, Long story short, I'm bad at advertising myself and my videos but here's me trying :P I love making videos so much, i (try to) upload every sunday :D
  29. Rolz

    Look away if it's too much!

    What's up guys! Hope you are keeping well :) I just dropped my latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video! Give it a look wont ya ;) I take on Cell and i'm not going to's a close call! If you enjoy it and are keen to see more please hit that SUBSCRIBE button :) help me get to 100...

    Watch dogs part 4

    This is part 4 of my series! It isn't doing to well as my audience I massively based around Star Wars battlefront! So anyone taht could check it out I would really appreciate it