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  1. Kass

    Help Me Choose A Thumbnail Please

    So I have made a channel trailer which will be up sometime later today and I cant choose which thumbnail I should go with, please decide for me A or B?? A. B.
  2. piaiscool


    Hello guys! I have been really bad at uploading videos at a proper schedule, but I guess that's okay since I'm just starting??? What do you think? I would really love for you guys to check out my video and tell me what you think. What should I improve on? Was the humor okay? Was it relatable...
  3. MZ-101

    Checkout this video. Trying new, more direct approach

    This post is mainly directed to one person who gave me a very good advice but, anyone can see and leave their opinion and review. If you enjoyed please do, Subscribe. @NothingToDoCrew let me know what do you think!?
  4. Morpheus0316

    Bioshock Infinite Songbird Strikes Back

    If you enjoyed the video don't just like or subscribe tell me what you enjoyed about the video and what you didn't like about the video so I know what to improve on. I did this one post commentary.
  5. TheMercenaree

    BEGINNING THE FOREST TEMPLE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 11

    We start the forest temple in this episode. We also learn a new skill that's pretty awesome. If you want to check out more of my videos, then click that red box below.
  6. piaiscool


    Hey friends! After weeks and weeks, I have finally made a video. I think I'm having an issue finding time commited to making videos but it's been a struggle since I have 2 jobs and school. Also, this video was supposed to be up 3 days ago, but due to my natural stupidity, of course I clicked...
  7. TheMercenaree

    3 GIANT BOSSES?!?!?! | Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode): Part 28

    We have King Dodongo, Manhandla, and Gohma all making a return in this episode, and we have to defeat them ALL!!! It's gonna be challenging. If you want to watch more of my stuff, just click the red box below.
  8. TheMercenaree

    THE TEARS OF LIGHT | Twilight Princess HD: Part 10

    We are tasked with filling the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light in this episode, and that's exactly what we do. If you want to check out more of my videos, just click the red box below.
  9. TheMercenaree

    WE ARE THE ENEMIES?!? | Hyrule Warriors: Part 27

    In this episode, we play as Ganondorf for the first time (he is also the only playable character we can use at this time). That leads me to believe that we are the enemies this time, but I wouldn't be sure. Eh, just watch the video. If you want to see more of my content, click the red box...
  10. TheMercenaree

    THE END OF CIA | Hyrule Warriors: Part 26

    We finally take out Cia once and for all in this episode. It's exciting and we even fail once. NOTE: Sorry that the facecam audio quality is kinda bad. I tried to fix it, but i couldn't. Completely unintentional.
  11. Aminn

    Thoughts on my new video!

    So I just uploaded a benchmark video, and I'd like some feedback on it! Link: I want to know if I'm doing something wrong or if there's something I can add/improve! Any tip helps! Could you also give some tips on what games to benchmark next! That would really help me out as I'm running out of...
  12. TheMercenaree

    DEATH BY A HAWK | Twilight Princess HD: Part 8

    This episode of Twilight Princess HD is full of stuff happening. Midna needs a sword and shield and apparently, we are killed by a hawk?!?!? Eh, just watch the video.
  13. Kacper

    New video, The Wolf Among Us! Toughts?

  14. P

    Gaming League of Legends?

    Hi! I am thinking of making a new video with viewers on League of Legends. I am tired of playing with the same guys over and over, so I want to try out to make new friends. Now I am currently playing on EUW and my gamertag is pandabroosh. I am leveling up on this user so we will play against...
  15. Becky Keegan

    Reacting To Old Profile Pictures

    So here is this week's video, where I embarrassingly go through images of the early days of me being on Facebook...oh the joy.
  16. Medic ene

    I created a video about Chickenpox, Let me know what you think please :)

    Hello all, I have been working with children this week so i decided to do a video on chickenpox, have a look at the video and let me know what you think, I hope you have a great day!
  17. darkstarmedia

    What The Heck Is Syntax?

    It's used in every language known to man. We use it every day without knowing. But what is it? In under 4 minutes, I cover the basics of syntax, why it's important and hopefully don't bore your socks off. Enjoy, my lovelies!
  18. Justine

    Naked with roaches | Fallout 4

    We finally made it into the vault and now everything's going horribly! Quick question though, despite all these roaches attacking me, how do I put my clothes back on?
  19. Selim Keles

    FIFA 16 My Career Mode Melbourne City Rnd 2

    Hey guys new fifa 16 my career mode video and yes this episode i did commentary @Riddikore @G-Man @SpaceAlex @Jawad Soomro @Vicboss I hope you enjoy it@Edge