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  1. Rolz

    Whats the reason behind your Setup components?

    Hi guys! I just dropped my latest video! This video is targeted towards first time PC builders or really anyone looking to get into PC building :) I interviewed my mate about his PC, really getting into the reasons for his component choices - whether it be...
  2. TheLifeOfJorge


    Hey guys, check out my new video! Thanks, and have a great day (or night). :)
  3. TheLifeOfJorge

    A DAY IN NYC!!

    Hey guys, check out my most recent vlog and tell me what you think!
  4. Rolz

    Dubai Holiday Vlog

    My past holiday trip to Dubai :) Just a few clips! Hope you enjoy!

    Another 1 v 1 | Call of duty Bo3

    and another 1 v 1 against the sausage who deserves a butt whoopin! and i bloody well did! anyways this video is on call of duty black ops 3 and i actually win but i had the advantage with the radar been on. make sure to go check hectic blizzards channel as he has awesome sniping and trickshot...

    Rogue One Scarif Gameplay | ITS JURASSIC PARK AGAIN!!

    so were playing the new update for star wars battlefront! the new map actually looks pretty awesome and i honestly can't wait to play more.

    Telling the brute to diet....

    oh god... telling the brute to diet was never a good idea! someone get the shredder!!! any gun that will stop this guy!!! so i hope you enjoy the vid! So im CMTXRATED. The Sarcastic Trying to funny gamer who you will most likely never watch! but anyways! my main games i play at the moment is...
  8. The General

    Youtube's Trending Tab

    Or so it seems
  9. H

    NEW VIDEO - Clickbait etc etc....

    Hey i just uploaded a new video and am looking for some feedback please :)
  10. H

    NEW VIDEO: I do not understand how people can be so STUPID!!

    I just uploaded a new video and the fact that real people messed this up worries me...
  11. GeniePurple


    Hello my crazy nutters/ dudes, new video up again, The Genie trying Butterbeer for the first time... Remember to Like, comment, share and of course subscribe so you can be my friend ;) :mstickle::inlove::eeks::bounce::bounce: Check back every Saturday for new upload!:thanksthumbs:
  12. georgia grace

    who gives a f*ck what you look like? / self confidence tips

    some stuff that happened to me recently made me want to talk about how i became way more confident in the way that i look when i thought it was impossible. hope you enjoy ♡
  13. H

    Does this entertain you??

    I have a new video up on the channel and want to know if people find it somewhat entertaining since thats what I do YT for so if someone could watch it and let me know what you think I will do the same for your content :) but i did have mic problems within the video
  14. JRuncie

    We've been Vlogging for a month now.....

    Crazy how time flies.
  15. M

    1000+ views, in disbelief

    Hey YT-ers :) I've just uploaded a thank you video because I received over 1000 views on my videos, and I've passed the 10 subscriber mark! I opened my channel about 2 months ago and the feedback has been truly amazing... Any suggestions on keeping my new subscribers and viewers interested...
  16. Sonalib

    New Type of video. Tell me what you think

    I just uploaded a new video to my YT called "Summer Twenty Sixteen". It is a bit different from what I would usually upload. Could you please give it a look and tell me what you think?
  17. AM2PM

    Memory Test - Twin versus Twin

    Check out #9 in our Twin Versus Twin series. Andrew has won 4 in a row. I really need a win. We do a 3 part memory test.
  18. DivideAndConquer

    New video!! ARK Survival Evolved! what'd you think?

    This is my newest video of ark! i would love to hear what you thought of the video and if you have any ideas for the base tell me in the comments! by the way i have over 200 subscribers and growing why dont you join our community and subscribe? My new Base!! | ARK Survival Evolved | Part 2
  19. DiSparrowFilms

    One thing you could have from YouTube?

    Hi! I am working on a new video and just want to ask. what's the #1 thing you'd want from YouTube (by that I mean from YouTube not youtubers) eg, some new option (what?), old feature (what?) exc... Hmmm?
  20. piaiscool

    Please review? (-/\-)

    Hey fam! So I tried listening to most of your feedbacks. I lowered down the volume (It's down to 6%) of the background music. I tried not to cover my face as much with my pop-ups (I still have to improve on this a little more i think?). Most of you noticed a flickering light in my videos most of...
  21. Ballistic

    New idea, need feedback!

    If you guys haven't seen one of my more recent videos, Its' called "kicked form faze". That video did so well compared to my other ones, and I was wondering If I should maybe milk the faze clan name for views, and do another video that would be about me reading the faze members Instagram comments?
  22. piaiscool

    Please review? :D

    Hey there! I just uploaded a new video and I was wondering you can watch it and review it for me! Video is about 5 THINGS THAT CAN HELP YOU SURVIVE SCHOOL I don't feel as content with this video compared to my other ones, so I really want to hear some thoughts! Review me on the following: Is my...
  23. Ogi

    Looking for feedback on my latest video!

    Looking for feedback and of course criticism. I just want to improve so everything is appreciated. The video:
  24. Kacper

    Feedback On My New Rant

    Hey everyone, one of the things I do most of on my channel are rants. I try to make them unique and entertaining and I have been trying to improve them recently. This one is on Facebook Statuses.Really happy with the thumbnail but if you think that there is something that could improve it eg...
  25. piaiscool


    The purpose of the video is to show you what it's like if a girl plays games! I made a first one, which had positive feedback and someone requested for me to make another one and here it is! But I feel like I failed in doing so. ^If you have a second, be sure to leave me some feedback on some...
  26. Altairsfriend

    OH $#%*- Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

    Hey everybody, here is our latest video in our Dark Souls series. Thanks for the view!
  27. magnamious

    Just uploaded a new video! Please give me feedback!

    My new video on my channel just went live! Could you please tell me what I could improve? Was the video interesting enough? Is it relatable? My new video is about why being short sucks. Do you think I rambled on for too long? Please let me know! Also, could you give me feedback on my thumbnails...
  28. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I just posted a new youtube video and i did a lot of things that I would usually do. So if you would like to check it out and help me a bit on critiquing my video that would be amazing!! YT: Its Ryan
  29. piaiscool


    Hello friends! I would love to hear your opinions about my very first style video! *Does my video make you sleepy? *What should I have done different? *Is my editing okay? *Is the volume too loud? *Say something about the actual content! you dont have to answer all those questions... just let...
  30. piaiscool

    Does my GET TO KNOW ME make you feel uncomfortable?

    Hello friends! After struggling for days, I FINALLY PUT UP A VIDEO! Being my ever-so-smart self, I deleted 3 days worth of filming and editing. This made me very upset and was just not having it. BUT LOOK AT ME PUSHING THROUGH IT ~*pat on the back*~ I was hesitating whether or not I should make...